​Permit Issuing for Informal Traders

Gauteng Hawks arrest suspect for selling permits
The Department of Economic Development (DED) in compliance to the Disaster Management Act 2002, Amendment of Regulations as published in Goverment Gazette No. 43199 of 2 April 2020, stating that wholesale produce markets and informal traders selling perishables have been authorized to trade as providers of essential services.
Today the issuing of City of Joburg temporary permits for Informal Food (fruits and vegetables/perishables) Traders commenced. Registration and collection of permits occurred at 66 Jorrisen Street for DED registered informal traders and at the Joburg Market (JM) 4 Fortune Road for JM registered informal trader buyers.
In order for a permit to be issued the following was required from DED Informal Traders: COJ Certificate of Acceptance, proof of trading and a valid ID or passport. JM Informal Trader, verification of buyer details was confirmed via the JM internal system and the buyers unique code was placed on the permits issued.
The team led by Clr Lloyd Philips, MMC Economic Development at 66 Jorrisen ensured social distancing. Informal Traders from various regions outside of City of Joburg queued and expected accreditation and permits to operate and was subsequently referred to their respective regions and place of formal registration as a trader. JMPD’s présence ensured safety, security and social distancing measures were adhered to.
We are concerned that not all Food (fruits and vegetables/perishables) Informal Traders are aware  that they can now operate as essential services. We are taking steps to create awareness around the amended regulations through various mediums. We have also noted people attempting to get accreditation or permits but are not registered with the City. Only registered Informal Traders will receive permits from the City.
Today the City issued a total of 766 permits to Informal Traders. This process will continue until Wednesday 8 April 2020. We encourage all registered food Traders to comply and get accreditation in order to provide the much needed essential services in the City of JOburg communities where they operate within.
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