10 Things you dont know about Jame Reynolds

James Reynolds as Abe Carver

James Reynolds popularly known as Abe Carver on Days of our lives

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  1. James is 68 years this year, born August 10, 1946
  2. Reynolds originated the character of Abe Carver on the long running NBC dramatic serial Days of our Lives in 1981
  3. He has been on contract with the show since 1981 with only two short breaks in 1991 and 2003 where he still appeared as a recurring character
  4. Before appearing on Days of our Lives, he had previously appeared in the short lived 1979 CBS series Time Express
  5. Reynolds was born in Oskaloos, Kansas. In high school, the subjects he enjoyed most were English and History.
  6. With a small student body, there was never any shortage of extracurricular activities and, in addition to performing in many school plays, he became very active in sports, playing football, basketball, and track.
  7. Following graduation from high school, Reynolds joined the Marines. After boot camp he was assigned to the Information Service Office where, first stationed in Hawaii, he became a reporter for the service newspaper, The Windward Marine. Later he was sent to Vietnam and served for almost a year with a variety of units in and around Chu Lai, adding battlefield reporting to his combat duties.
  8. Returning to the States, Reynolds enrolled in Topeka’s Washburn University, majoring in prelaw and journalism
  9. He annually hosts a “Bowl-a-thon” in Los Angeles to benefit the National Asthma Center and a celebrity basketball game in South Pasadena for the city’s schools.
  10. He, his wife Lissa Layng Reynolds and son Jed reside in South Pasadena, California