10 Things That Only Happen At University

University life is no doubt one of the craziest lives out there! Below is a list o 10 Things That Only Happen At University

1.Always someone protesting

Every year on campus someone will feel the need to start a protest about something, whether it be a really unnecessary protest or one of major significance, University is the place to begin your radical phase, and this is probably where you will participate in one.

2. There’s always a stranger in your kitchen and nobody seems to mind

You wake up to get some cereal and a random person you never met before is chilling in your kitchen busy on their phone. They introduce themselves as Thabo and you assume it’s one of your block mate’s friends so being polite you engage in convo with them to discover Thabo is a cool guy when your block mate comes in tells you that he has never met Thabo before. At this point, you don’t mind and now Thabo is one of the boys, thus the circle continues.


3. Every ‘quiet gathering’ becomes a raging all-night party

When has chilling with the squad ever ended in a peaceful calm manner? Every time you’re with your friends just to chill it turns into a night to remember and the rest of your block mates probably hate you for it.

4. Discovering How thin the walls are

So you are trying to study when you hear your friend is having a wild orgy with his girl tonight. You sit there staring at the sky trying to get some sleep when your other roommate is having a very awkward fight. Or you are woken by the loud noises your friends are making from next door. That’s what it’s like living on campus

5. Top nights out ending in tragically awkward mornings…

After that super wild party there is always a hint of regret, you either smashed your phone or did something embarrassing or have a huge hangover.

6.Cutting corners with your healthcare…

To all students especially foreign students, healthcare is a necessity. But just because it’s a priority in that sense doesn’t mean its a given you will get it anyway. As one of the most expensive student costs, some students would rather tough it out where possible than getting healthcare.

7.Being able to leave the house without even considering changing out of your pajamas…

University will have you so comfortable you will walk on campus in your PJ’s. That is a tradition kept by all students who stay on campus.

8.Your Clicks will change from your First year until your final year

Remember that person you met that you promised to be friends with in Freshman year that you haven’t spoken to since? Well, that is what University friendships are like. The friends you make and retain through the years, the friends you have when you finally leave university are the friends you will have for life.

9.The frustration of living in a shared student house…

It’s easy to see why students hate living on res, your food can get stolen, the kitchen and bathroom can always be a mess when you need it, your neighbors might be super noisy even just the site of other people can end up frustrating you.

10.You will end up doing something so bad you never thought you would do

The final thing that always happens to every person in University is the introduction to something you never thought you would do. Some people who come in University as religious and by the book people end up having a reputation as wild and promiscuous or dangerous and mischievous. University will turn good girls bad and is the only time when people will go through the most unbelievable things.


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