10 Things you know about Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts DiMera

Here are 10 things you do not know about Lauren Koslow pop

Image result for Lauren Koslowularly known as Roberts DiMera on Days of our lives

  1. Lauren is 61 years old, born March 9, 1953
  2. She has been playing the Kate Roberts character since 1996
  3. She previously appeared in the soaps The Bold and the Beautifuland The Young and the Restless
  4. Born in Boston, Koslow’s mother was a docent, and was raised with a strong love for colonial life along with her sister, Linda and her brother, Donald
  5. Koslow was educated at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Amherst, graduating with a degree in theatre and costume design
  6. She is maintaining a family on her ranch in Northridge, California in the San Fernando Valley with her husband, make-up artist Nick Schillace, and their two children.
  7. They have an ever-increasing menagerie of animals, including a macaw, a gift from Tori Spelling
  8. She began her acting career with touring theatre work in such productions as Cat on the Hot Tin Roof and Dial M for Murder
  9. Through the early 1990s Koslow busied herself with guest starring roles in several primetime television series including Silk Stalkingand The Nanny
  • In 2000 Koslow was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award as Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work on Days of our LivesIn 2009 Koslow was pre-nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress.
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