10 Things You Do Not Know About Mapaseka Koetle

Here Are 10 Things You Do Not Know About The Gorgeous Mapaseka Koetle Popularly Known As Dintle In e,tv Soapie Scandal

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  1. You know her for dramatic character “Dintle”on Scandal who is all trouble.
  2. However, this young star is nothing like her onscreen character Dintle.
  3.  She is a sweet, humble 26 year old living her dream.
  4.  She wanted to be a doctor but hated Mathematics.
  5. Her mother is her biggest inspiration. She taught her how to pray.
  6. Mapaseka prefers theater to television.
  7.  Her hidden talent is dancing.
  8. Her favorite verse in the bible is Psalms 91.
  9. . She owns an events company called Pasi Events which now also rents out mobile billboards.