10 things you dont know about Soaphie Ndaba

Here are 10 things you do not know about Soaphie Ndaba popularly known as Queen Moroka on Generations

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  1. She established herself as a sought-after model in South Africa before getting into acting.
  2. She has three children.
  3. She is an event planner; she has a company that refurbishes homes.
  4. She has a charity foundation calledshe Sophie Foundation of Hope, which helps anybody in need.
  5. I grew up in an orphanage and in foster homes as a child.
  6. Her best friend is S’thandiwe Kgoroge, who played Zinzi and Zoleka in Generations.
  7. She has been twice and divorced twice
  8. Sophie does not only act on TV but also does voice overs for cartoon characters in television commercials
  9. She has been with Generations since 1993