10 things you dont know about Victor Newman

Eric Eden As Victor

Here are 10 things you do not know about Eric popularly known as Victor on The Young and The Restless

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  1. His real name is Eric Braden and he  is 73 years of age
  2. He originally is from Germany
  3. He has been playing the Victor character since 1980
  4. In 1997, he played Colonel John Jacob Astor IV in the blockbuster film Titanic cast because he strongly resembled the powerful millionaire
  5. His son, Christian Gudegast, is a screenwriter who co-wrote the film A man apart, which starred Vin Diesel and was nominated for a Teen Choice Awards in 2003.
  6. Braeden won Distinguished German-American of the year, in 1990.
  7. Braeden is regarded as a very good tennis player
  8. Lew Wasserman of Universal Pictures told him that no one would be allowed to star in an American film if they had a German name. After much thought he took the name Braeden from his hometown of Bredenbek.
  9. He has been nominated 9 times on the Daytime Emmy awards for outstanding lead actor on the young and the restless, and has won twice.
  10. Actor Clarence Williams III and former boxer Ken Norton are two of his best friends
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