17-Year-Old Assaulted By A Bus Driver

17-Year-Old Assaulted By A Bus Driver. On December 14, the young female’s parents from Villiersdorp in the Western Cape prepared a ticket for their female child.

Two parents let their daughter travel with a bus, they thought their daughter would get to her destination securely. The female child was heading to Johannesburg. However, the 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by the male that was driving the bus that she was travelling in, an Intercape bus. The driver has contacted her to tell her that she is the one responsible for him losing his occupation.

On December 14, the young female’s parents from Villiersdorp in the Western Cape prepared a ticket for their female child. She was meant to go with a friend but there was a complication in their travel schedules; the friend was going the next day. The error could not be reversed at that time. The bus that the young female used was fully booked. It is claimed that the person driving the bus told her to sit next to him until a seat was free when other people got off.

The Intercape call centre supposedly asked the person driving the bus to obtain the young female’s cell phone details so they could ask for her feedback on her seating arrangement. The young female did as she was told, thinking that it was the right thing to do. The driver allegedly sexually assaulted the female when she fell asleep in the driver’s seat. She fought to get the his hands off of her when he was harassing her.

The mother claims that the driver is accusing the young female for making him lose his job. The mother also states that another Intercape employee said her daughter wanted the event to occur because the young female gave the male her cell phone details.

It didn’t stop there for the poor girl. The Intercape consultant, that was meant to help the young female, made matters worse. The consultant told the young female to find her biological parents because the people that are currently taking care of her will not love her as much of their own. The consultant also told the young 17-year-old that “God wants her to forget about what happened to her on the bus and move on with her life.”

The driver has resigned from the Intercape Company. The young female was told that she could lay charges against the male that assaulted her. However, the Company does not have any details about what happened between the two parties.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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