20 SA Women Share Their Experiences Dating Foreign Men

20 SA Women Share Their Experiences Dating Foreign Men

20 SA Women Share Their Experiences Dating Foreign Men! Check out their comments below

1. Nothing different, not that I dated one but had a long and fruitful beneficial friendship with one. The exchange of ideas and conversations are different I must say, so much so that when it ended, I had a broader intellectual capacity and understanding of a lot.

2.I’ll FOREVER date foreigners, Congolese and Nigerians preferably…they know how to take good care of a woman in any circumstances… I’ll never in my life date Zulu’s or Xhosa guys NEVER

3.Im dating one handsome rich guy, he respects me and a Christian,he respects the fact that im abstaining and he spoils me alot, he just brought a land in mozambique in my name so we are building a hotel,thank God i love him its been two years now and his family is amazing sbwl

4.Love ❤️ knows no boundaries, knows no race, knows no qualifications. So long it’s true love… you will enjoy each other. Never dated though

5.Never dated one but i don’t see anything wrong with it, if you feel happy, respected and loved andiboni ngxaki

6. I love foreigners with all that I have..They have self respect and they respect women.Ghanaian preferably..Ndiyabathanda mna

7.I dated one …moguy bought me a car ..hondai but at that time I ddnt have a license..we got me a license and after 3 months moguy told me he makes money from selling drugs ..ehh I got scared but moguy treated me like a queen even though I slept with him once after 4 months he still treated me like a queen I had everything..went to his family in Tanzania..and his mom loved me…so one time I heard his friends talking about selling him out and I told him to leave the country be4 they do i recorded them so he would believe me…and he took my advice and left but unfortunately he had to return the car to the dealership because he ddnt want any traces of him ..that’s how we ended an I miss him

8.I confessed to my baby mama afta 3 years that am a foreigner…not even once she ever suspected am not South African…..I remember she used to speak ill of foreigners..things like banuka amakhwapha ..inyawo ..umlomo and stuff like that..so it was so difficult for me to tell her am also from Zimbabwe… eventually afta 3 years of being together she fell pregnant and I was left with no choice but to tell her am not South african, for the sake of the child..At first she thout I was joking…from tht tym she realised theres no much difference btwn foreign and locals…we still together namanje…happy as ever

9.I did once.. Woah obsessive and possessive those ones🤦‍♀️. Never again 😩😩

10.Gogo(me) has and the guy was Tanzanian met him ndi stranded in town he took me to camp and I was babalazed he took me to my room an hour later he brought me 24 of hunters gold and asked me to bath he’s taking me out the whore in my friends heard convinced me ndabe ndisoyika my friend volunteered ukundikhapha saya and we ate ukutya kwabo which I didn’t enjoy luckily there was booze ndasela but I was scared to get drunk what if he rapes us🤔 so I was vigilant but shame nothing happened he took us back to campus then we chat on the phone for months and then I moved to Durban then he drove from jhb to dbn and he took me to ballito, Ladysmith, pmb ,amanzimtoti yey I bunked the whole week I enjoyed myself and he was and loaded of course we lost contact and I miss him😢

11.I’m dating a malawian guy…iv never felt so loved and everything 😋 is in order

12.I would date one I don’t see any difference although there has been lot of misconceptions that bayanuka abantu bangaphandle. But everyone is a foreign somewhere, even nabelungu ngawo moss.

13.Jerr the worst experience of my life. Mo guy was very stinge

14.For me i don’t see anything wrong , i am dating one of them, he’s very kind , he knows how to treat a women…..and I love him so much
Ever since I met him i never feel this way, and I will never date South Africans ever again.

15.Where can I get one mna ngok coz what I know about them they can take care of a women as compared to our fellow xhosa people . I once dated one before

16.Ive dated one it was the best experience ever😊.. Well we jst got back together last week

17. I’m married to a Naija bros and very happy

18.Currently Dating one now,he’s so loving and caring

19.Iam dating one. best partner I ever had he’s amazing😍

20.I don’t I’m think I’m xenophobic i know I’m just really stupid like ngi dom mina shem…like if they had an accent I’d always try to talk to them in it🙈💔😂😂 or spend the entire r.ship saying that one word i know from their lingo…eg(chineke!!!!! Or nakupenda!,ndokuroba)…so some might think I’m mocking them…so ngiyasaba shem🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

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