3 Must Watch Movies in 2021

Movie fanatics wait with bated breath every year for new releases. Word starts to spread about new films being released even before they get into production, growing the anticipation of many loyal fans. Movies are one of the most popular sources of entertainment, and with where the world is currently at, more movies are being watched. Here are 3 must watch movies in 2021.


Starring hollywood superstar Frances McDormand (Three Billboard outside Ebbing Missouri, Burn After Reading), and directed by visionary director Chloé Zhao (Songs My Brother Taught Me, The Rider), Nomadland is the first entry into this list of must watch movies for 2021. 

The American drama follows Fern, an aging  woman who has recently lost everything. Newly widowed and retrenched, Fern sets out across the American West to begin a new life as a nomad. The film has received critical acclaim, and has been lauded for its ruminative sequences and phenomenal cinematography. 


The film also received widespread acclaim for the selection of a protagonist that audiences don’t regularly see, an aging woman veering away from the status quo. Many critics have dubbed Nomadland a must watch. Nomadland is currently the favourite to win the Best Picture at the Oscars with South African betting sites giving the film odds of 1.22. 

Trial of the Chicago 7 

Sporting an all star cast with the likes of Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat, The Dictator), Yayha Abdul Mateen II (Aquaman, The Greatest Showman) and Mark Rylance (Dunkirk, Bridge of Spies), The Trial of the Chicago 7 is the next film that is a must see in 2021. The legal historical drama follows 7 legendary anti-vietnam war protestors as they are accused with crossing state lines with the intention to incite a riot. 

What makes this film so powerful is that it highlights issues of police brutality that are still rampant in the world today. The film is lauded for its compelling dialogue, along with the inherent fact that its so relevant to current events.  

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is another film in the Best Picture contention, with betting sites in South Africa giving the film odds of 7.00 to pick up the highly coveted award. 

Malcolm and Marie 

The final entry onto the list of must watch films in 2021 is Malcolm and Marie, a black and white romantic drama written, produced and directed by Sam Levinson (Euphoria, Another Happy Day). The film, starring John David Washington (BlackKKlansman, Tenet) and Zendaya (Spiderman Homecoming, The Greatest Showman) follows writer director Malcom (Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya) after they arrive home after Malcolm’s most recent film premier. 

Their relationship undergoes some strain as while Malcolm eagerly awaits and later receives critiques of his film, Marie claims that the film is based on her life, and questions Malcolm’s ations, as well as his decision to not thank her whEn giving his speech to the guests attending the premier. 

The film has been praised for its back and forth dialogue, as well its ability to captivate, considering the film is shot within one setting. 

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