5 Pics Of Prophet Bushiri That Will Shock You #Throwback

Judging from the following pictures, who could have known that one day Prophet Bushiri would become one of the richest prophets in the world. The famous Prophet started from absolutely nothing. He started ministering in 2002.People have their different opinions about the world wide known prophet.

Shepherd Huxley Bushiri, known as Major 1 or Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is a Christian preacher, motivational speaker, Author and businessman from Malawi. He founded and leads a Christian non-denominational evangelical church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

Major 1 is a pastor who is no stranger to controversy, recently arrested and released on bail for on fraud and money laundering charges. Bushiri is a true definition of starting from the bottom.

Now take a look at some of these pictures of Bushiri before fame.

1.Most would not even recognize the Prophet


2. He came a long way

3. From here

4. From this

5. Before

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