5 signs you have an amazing baby daddy

Having a child with the wrong baby daddy is a nightmare for the children and women who have a job to either chase child maintainance payments or explain to their kids why the father doesn’t keep his word, visit when he says he will  or pick them for bonding time which barely happens. 

Below is a list of 5 signs you have an amazing  daddy.

1.Pays for the kids upbringing religiously

Real men take care of their children, if you have a baby daddy who without fail never misses a payments appreciate his efforts because it’s a jungle out there. Whilst some may argue that he should never miss payments to begin with, Thank your Gods because some women really have it bad out there. The chasing, the mantainance courts, the follow up calls. It’s a lot !

2.Keeps his word

Whether it’s sticking to a schedule or buying what he said he will buy. Baby Daddy’s who keep their promises are a rare kind.The no lies and excuses typa baby daddy is a keeper!

3.Spends quality time

Nothing is as important as a father spending quality time with his children and baby daddy’s who are aware of the importance and make it their mission to bond outside just paying for things are a rare breed. There are baby daddy who can’t be left with kids because they don’t believe it’s their job or duty to be caregivers, such father are a disappointment. Many mothers struggle to get baby sitters to go on dates or weekends with their girls and the kids father are not even options as they do not see looking after their own kids as their responsibility.


Because society has made women primary caregivers, fathers have gotten away with not taking care of sick children for extended periods and spending the nights with sick children. If you have a baby daddy who drops everything for his children’s wellbeing and doesn’t mind spending nights in hospital whilst you at home resting count yourself lucky.

5.Prioritizes his children

Baby Daddy’s  who prioritize their children’s well-being or health are good fathers. Father who are willing to cancel plans for their kids emergencies , invest for their kids future, make time for them, spend time with them, drive hundreds of kilometers to be with them. Fathers who don’t make excuses.

Drama Free

Mothers have typically been accused of having drama thus the term “Baby Mama drama “ but if you must know this is both ways. There are baby daddies with a lot of drama who are hell bent on making the lives of  their baby mama miserable and if your baby daddy is not about this you one of the lucky few.

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