5 Things To Do In Joburg 2019

5 Things To Do In Joburg 2019. Joburg is a place that most people know for the party venues.

Joburg is a place that most people know for the party venues. If the city is not known for the partying then it’s known for some of its technological. Some people may not know the other fun and serene places in Johannesburg. These are the five things to do in Joburg:

Watch unknown movies at the Bioscope Independent Cinema

The Bioscope Independent Cinema is a space where you can do almost anything you want. This is a place where you can watch some of the old school movies you love or watch movies from other people you haven’t heard of. You also get a ticket, pizza and craft beer combo for onlyR120. You also get to host your own corporate event, movie premiere and birthday party at the place.

Learn about the evolution of humans at the Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind is one of the eight heritage wonders of South Africa. It’s the only heritage site in Gauteng. The place is a great place to see where mankind first started. The first hominid was found here in 1924. When approach the Cradle of Humankind you see a seemingly huge burial stack, that’s the entrance to the secrets of the birth of mankind.

Learn about beer and its history while drinking at the SAB World of Beer

This one is for beer lovers. When you get to the place, you get to try out raw barley and hops. You also get to know the fun facts about the birth of beer drinking in South Africa. After the whole tour one can get to do some beer tasting that’s include in the money paid or you can just enjoy the view of the city from the tap room while drinking two SABMiller Beers.

Give geese and ducks food at the Zoo Lake

Get to give the geese and ducks something to eat at the Zoo Lake. Maybe, also rent a rowboat that can accommodate up to six people. Or maybe you just want to have some fun that doesn’t include the water. You can go to the bowling green and have some fun bowling or you can just bring food for a nice picnic.

Look at land transportation at the James Hall Museum of Transport

You can look at the history of transportation at the James Hall Museum of Transport. The museum shows steam locomotives, ox-wagons and penny farthings. The museum is the biggest and most comprehensive museum of land transport in South Africa. The museum shows people the history of transportation in South Africa. The museum also has great picnic spots around it. The best part is that you can go in there for free.

by Alexandra Ramaite