9 Bizarre Sneakers Designers

9 Bizarre Sneakers By Designers. Sneakers have been evolving a lot throughout the years.

Sneakers have been evolving a lot throughout the years. As a new shoe comes, there’s a bunch of sneaker geeks waiting in line to buy the sneakers. The creators of these sneakers are always on the lookout to make you grab attention or give you the ultimate comfortability. However, some of the shoes look pretty bizarre, due to the crazy designs or the radical futuristic features. These are 9 bizarre sneakers:

Reebok x Mega House Insta Pump Fury

This was a collaboration in tribute to anime series ‘Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’. The shoe was made to resemble the show’s droid character.

Adidas Wings x Jeremy Scott“Glow In The Dark”

These shoes grab a lot more attention at night for their lighting. If not at night the wings will have people looking at your feet.

Adidas Originals Teddy Bear

Imagine playing basketball with these radical sneakers. These are one of the most unique sneakers.

Nike HyperAdapts 1.0s

The Nike HyperAdapts are one of Nikes best approach towards being futuristic. The shoe has self-lacing technology that adjusts your laces to based on the contour of your foot. So you wont have to worry about your laces getting untied almost every minute. The shoe has to be recharged after some time for the lace technology to work.

Adidas Originals Springblade

The Adidas Springblades are look like any other sneaker. However, they are not the same because of the shoe using individual blades for spring and shock absorption. 50% of the sole is not able to touch the floor.

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott JS Bones

Jeremy Scott took some inspiration for the sneakers from one of people’s favourite prehistoric family show. That’s why they’ll remind people of ‘The Flintstones’.The shoes still keep the original hi-top on sneakers.

Nike “Jesus Shoes”

This recent Nike innovation has crazy features on it. The shoe has holy water that was prayed for by a priest, a cross on the right sneaker, ink that resembles the blood of Jesus and a scripture. These shoes give people the chance to walk on water.


These shoes are way ahead of the future that most people predicted. The shoes have a display that allows you to customise your shoes through your smartphone.

Nike Adapt BB

These are the first auto-lacing basketball shoes. Unlike the parent shoes, the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the Nike Adapt BB tightens and loosens the laces based on the needed situation. Shoe has has two LED circles by the sole to resemble eyes, suggesting that the shoe is alive.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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