Aww Heartwarming! SA Car guards save the day! In near disaster!

Car guards have been looked at by many people as a source of irritation but car guards who work it this particular mall shifted the whole narrative that has been associated with car guards, mostly as people trying to wrestle 2 rand or 5 from you already tight budget!

See Michelle recounter of this heart warming experience! “To the person who left their windows open at lonehill shopping center, i just wanted to share with you how these guys tried to prevent your car getting wet. 
People always moan about these guys and say “they only around when you leave” i say what type of service do you expect for R2 Susan? A red carpet? Be realistic peeps. 
They dont take your kids college fund. Spare some change even a R20 once in a while (one less redbull) which is bad for you anyway. See now theyre saving your life too…

UPDATE  Lauren Nel-Piggott

It happened to be one of those crazy mornings where I had a 101 things to do before work.Pouring with rain, I got out of my car at Lonehill shopping centre and instead of pressing the correct button to close the windows I happened to leave my passenger window open without realising it (silly me). Once I had finished shopping I came out to what seemed like a broken window. The car guards then explained that I had left my window slightly open.To my four heroes thank you for taking the initiative and going the extra mile to save my car from being flooded, words can’t explain how eternally grateful I am for your kindness. To Priscilla Michelle thank you for the pics of them doing such a good deed. #sharethekindness #Valentinesday

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NIGERIA’s ASA to Headline MTN Bushfire 2019

Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards Most Sustainable Event Award in 2017, MTN Bushfire was also hailed in 2016...