‘Before I do’ Gay Man Says Nobody’s Straight

‘Before I do’ Gay Man Says Nobody’s Straight. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the day for a new show on Mzansi Magic called ‘Before I Do’.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the day for a new show on Mzansi Magic called ‘Before I Do’. The host of the show is Andile Gaelesiwe and she first started the show in Thembisa. The story is about Mzwandile and Victor, they both met in 2017 in Johannesburg Central. Victor, the person who called the show for help, says Mzwandile is the frist gay man he has ever dated. He says that he used to date straight men, which shocked the host.

The host wanted to know if straight men really date gay men, the man still acknowledged his statement. “There’s no straight guy out there. I doubt there is straight guy.” The couple is already engaged. Mzwandile was the one who proposed and bought the engagement ring. Victor called the show because he was not comfortable with moving into the man’s home and live with his family. Victor feels as if Mzwandile doesn’t take her seriously because he takes the role of the man.

Victor always has a few trust issues with Mzwandile because he would often text other girls while they are together, to which Mzwandile says he was not cheating but just being naughty. Mzwandile says he wants them to move in together with his parents after they get married because they need to save up for their own future. Mzwandile went on to say that Victor should be the one compromising for him because he paid for the lobola and other wedding costs meaning that he has a huge say in their relationship.

When Victor asked him if he would do the same for him if the roles were changed, the man denied. Victor then revealed the reason why he doesn’t want to go live at the man’s parent’s house. He doesn’t want to live there because of his niece, who Victor supposedly says is out of control. The couple then planned to talk about the situation more, this left Victor happy. Tweeps were focused on Victor’s statement of straight guys dating gay guys.

One tweep says he is also dating a straight man. says, “Lol why is it so hard to believe we have or are dating straight men? I’m currently in similar situation…” One tweep says, “My current boyfriend was also “straight” when we met. One tweep says, “What does he mean there is no straight guy out there? ARE YOU SAYING ALL [MEN] ARE GAY? including my 2 months old son?”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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