Black South Africans React To Special Assignment Episode About SA Banks Charging Black People Higher Interest Rates

A lot of black homeowners have went on SABC 3’s Special Assignment to speak about the the discrimination against them by FNB.

The black homeowners felt as if they were discriminated against them by paying high interest rates bonds as compared to their white equivalents’ bonds.

Black people had a lot of bad to say about the situation:

“Banks who owe these black home owners money for illegally charging them high interest rates must not just pay back the money owed but they must pay it back with interest incurred over the years #SpecialAssignment,” says @MpondoPrincess.

@Reggy_ says, “FNB is ripping black people off”

@Shamiellah stated the parliament knew about this by saying, “The Parliament is aware of this issue and nothing is being done”

The black youth is infuriated by the issues that were brought forward by the homeowners.

by Alexandra Ramaite