Black Twitter Bashes Moja Love’s Ntsiki Mazwai Press Statement

Black Twitter Bashes Moja Love’s Ntsiki Mazwai Press Statement. Yesterday (Thursday) Ntsiki Mazwai fired shots at SABC 2’s ‘Morning Live’ host Leanne Manas.

Yesterday (Thursday) Ntsiki Mazwai fired shots at SABC 2’s ‘Morning Live’ host Leanne Manas. The ‘Show Me Love’ host said that Manas had white privilege within the SABC, this came after people were congratulating the ‘Morning Live’ host on her 15 year anniversary with the show. Some of the tweeps came in defence of Leanne Manas. Moja Love, the mother channel of ‘Show Me Love’, released a press statement after the incident. The channel distanced itself from Ntsiki Mazwai’s views.

“The views expressed by Ntsiki Mazwai are not those of the channel and were expressly made by Ms. Mazwai in her personal capacity. Moja Love values, loves and respects all South Africans and we celebrate all the diversity that enriches our country. We do not condone any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, culture or in any other form,” says Moja Love. Black Twitter bashed Moja Love for releasing the press statement.

Some tweeps felt as if it was unnecessary for Moja Love to reply because Ntsiki Mazwai stated that her views are not the views of the channel. The tweep says, “Why are you commenting on that whereas Ntsiki Mazwai make it clear it’s her views not Moja Love.” One tweep says, “Why are [you] giving us a statement…because mazwai was not talking on behalf of your channel…you moja love love attention…this is not your business it was ntsiki’s opinion on Twitter…stop it.”

Some tweeps say that the channel’s management has double standards because they didn’t do this with Ntsiki’s previous rants. One tweep says, “Moja Love are hypocrites, when Ntsiki said awful things about Zulu men they released nothing.” One tweep says some people of the people that were against Ntsiki Mazwai have double standards. The tweep says, “The people who want Ntsiki censored by Moja Love are the same people who keep telling celebrities to tweet what they think even though there’s endorsements and shows, people should stop trying to censor people here.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite