Black Twitter Seems To Be Liking The #DateMyFamily Bachelorette

Black Twitter Seems To Be Liking The #DateMyFamily Bachelorette. The bachelor for the recent episode of Mzansi Magic’s ‘Date My Family’ was Mbulelo Mdeleni.

The bachelor for the recent episode of Mzansi Magic’s ‘Date My Family’ was Mbulelo Mdeleni. The 35-year-old is data capture and does clothing customisation on the side as a business. The first family he met was Bafedile’s family.

The family felt like he was an okay person although he liked the members’ physical appearance from the get-go. One of the members says he seems like a comedian because of the jokes he made, the same member didn’t like the fact that he was a talkative person. They also didn’t like that he lived in his mother’s backyard. The date didn’t have a problem with him not having a car but she stated that she wouldn’t use a taxi. The second family he met was Stacy-Lee’s family. The mother says she didn’t have any expectations but seeing him was a delight.

The bachelor also liked that the mother was open to him. She also told him how joyful the potential date is, he liked that. He just had a problem with the lady being a smoker. The last family he met was Sihle’s family. He wasn’t that appealing to the family and the potential date. He had an issue with the potential not liking meat. The bachelor also had a bit of an issue with the food they served. The family members had a bit of a problem with the way he was speaking. He also added that he bathes in a wash basin and they told him to at least get a shower. He ended up choosing Stacy-Lee and their date went quite well.

Black Twitter reacted to the way Stacy-Lee was acting towards the bachelor. One tweep says, “I like this Stacy- Lee chick…her energy is amazing…” One tweep says, “Honestly Stacy’s maturity makes her even more attractive. This guy’s honesty also tops this whole thing…” One tweep says, “Stacy Lee is leadership, y’all like putting unnecessary pressure on guys even though you ain’t the one paying. Like he said “it’s not permanent”

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by Alexandra Ramaite