Bold and the Beautiful Teasers – May 2015

Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this May 2015:

Friday 1 May 2015
Episode 92 (6805)               

Liam and Quinn quarrel about Wyatt and Hope. Brooke attempts to woo Karen into firing Katie and hiring back Bill. Wyatt tells Hope that he cannot stand the thought of losing her while Liam tells Quinn that he is the better man for Hope and that one day she will realize that. Katie pulls Donna into the middle of her fight with Brooke.

Monday 4 May 2015
Episode 93 (6806)               

Brooke and Bill speak from their heart to Karen about why Bill should be reinstated as CEO of Spencer Publications. At the office, Justin wants more access to the Spencer files but Katie is wary of his loyalty to Bill.

As Aly speaks to Darla about her kiss with Oliver, a distrusting Maya records Oliver’s conversation with her about his intentions towards the young Forrester heiress. Later, Oliver finds Aly by the Forrester pool and convinces her to help him with an underwater photo project.

Tuesday 5 May 2015
Episode 94 (6807)  

Oliver and Aly kiss by the Forrester pool. She opens up about herself to her new love. Later, Oliver and Aly play in the pool with an underwater camera. Maya attempts to get Carter on board with her about Oliver taking advantage of Aly but instead of taking her side, he wonders what the real reason is that his fiancée is so invested in Oliver’s behavior.

Quinn is moved by Wyatt’s response when she queries him about why he didn’t propose to Hope. When Liam arrives, he and Quinn trade insults. Brooke and Hope discuss how her recent predicament would affect Hope’s relationship with Wyatt.

Wednesday 6 May 2015
Episode 95 (6808)    

Quinn eavesdrops on Hope and Brooke’s private conversation. Later, she attempts to tell Wyatt that he has reason to worry. Brooke confided in Rick about trying to help Bill get his company back from Katie.

Oliver is moved when Aly shares her feelings about losing her mom and a special memory that Darla left for her daughter. Liam offers Hope a “challenge” in regards to her relationship with both him and Wyatt.

Thursday 7 May 2015
Episode 96 (6809)  

Liam sets the stage for a romantic dinner with Hope. Her future with both Liam and Wyatt hinges on her willingness to show up at his house. Wyatt tells Quinn to relax when she voices her concern that Liam is winning Hope back.

Brooke, Rick, Eric, Carter and Maya prepare for a Forrester board meeting. Shocked reactions occur when Oliver states that Aly would be the perfect woman to carry a Forrester family tradition forward. Oliver and Aly show strong feelings for each other but no one else notices. Hope tells Wyatt about Liam’s ultimatum.

Friday 8 May 2015
Episode 97 (6810)  

Aly decides to confide in Caroline, who in turn gives her advice. Maya confronts Oliver and insinuates that he doesn’t have Aly’s best intentions at heart. Their conversation causes Maya to become even more determined to protect the young Forrester heiress.

Liam continues to prepare dinner for Hope while she and Wyatt discuss Liam’s actions and how he is still so invested in her. Wyatt wonders if Hope is invested as well.

Monday 11 May 2015
Episode 98 (6811)  

Hope reveals her decision concerning Liam’s ultimatum. A couple of mysterious people take advantage of a romantic setting.

Tuesday 12 May 2015
Episode 99 (6812) 

As Aly discusses her hatred for Taylor with Oliver, Taylor has a serious conversation with Thorne about Aly. Aly opens up to her new love about how hard it has been to get over her mother’s death. Oliver and Aly reveal to one another what has drawn them to the other. Oliver asks Aly to keep a secret.

Hope reveals to Wyatt what she agreed to with Liam. Wyatt does his best to convince Hope that it isn’t a problem, but inwardly he is upset.

Wednesday 13 May 2015
Episode 100 (6813)          

Brooke and Bill talk business in the bedroom. Having just reunited with Brooke, Bill contemplates how he can be reunited with his company. Brooke silently knows she can make Bill’s dream come true but is still undecided about what to do.

Wyatt confides in his mother about Hope’s new terms for their romance. After Brooke leaves, Quinn arrives and tells Bill that Wyatt is in trouble. Hope remembers big moments in her relationship with both Wyatt and Liam.

Thursday 14 May 2015
Episode 101 (6814) 

Even though she’s been sworn to secrecy by Oliver, Aly reveals the truth to Caroline. Quinn brings Bill up to speed on what’s been happening with Liam, Hope and Wyatt and makes a hefty demand of him.

Oliver asks Aly to take a romantic trip with him. Brooke shares her true emotions with Bill. Liam receives a visit from Bob Barker who helps prepare him for his animal awareness campaign.

Friday 15 May 2015
Episode 102 (6815)  

Katie and Ridge share a loving moment in her office. Brooke is still unsure of what to do with the papers she has as she watches Bill play with Will. Brooke arrives at the office to speak to Katie about Bill and catches her kissing Ridge. Later, she pleads for her sister to allow Bill to have more time with his son.

Hope and Liam travel to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter where they meet Brandon McMillan and animal shelter workers who share their stories with them.

Monday 18 May 2015
Episode 103 (6816) 

Liam and Hope continue their insightful tour of the animal shelter and meet LA City Council member Bernard Park, spend more time with Brandon McMillan and continue to interview employees at the shelter.

Brooke continues to attempt to get Katie to give Bill more access to his son and his job back. She resorts to desperate measures when she realizes Katie won’t give in. Wyatt is distracted thinking about Hope and Liam but remains confident that she will choose him in the end.

Tuesday 19 May 2015
Episode 104 (6817) 

Bill is ecstatic when Brooke gives him the papers giving him back his company and custody of Will that Katie had previously signed. Katie fills Ridge in on the story of how Bill conned her into signing the papers under false pretense of reconciliation.

Ridge and Katie share a painful moment as Bill, Will and Brooke enter the CEO office and Bill reclaims his chair, clearly the king again. Having promised Wyatt that she will choose soon, Hope is still squarely in between the two Spencer brothers.

Hope plays with the kitten that Liam gave her as she remembers fantastic moments that the two of them have shared. A romantic proposal of marriage is made.

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Episode 105 (6818)  

Ridge and Katie look forward to starting their lives together. Liam admits to Quinn that he knows about her and Bill and then tells her about everything that Brooke has done for his father, reiterating that she and Wyatt should find new lives.

Later, Quinn reminds Bill that it was Brooke that got him his job back and threatens to blackmail him if he doesn’t give Wyatt what she feels is rightfully his. Brooke arrives at Katie’s house to try and explain her decisions and is floored when Katie announces her good news.

Thursday 21 May 2015
Episode 106 (6819)  

Having Bill right where she wants him, Quinn urges Wyatt to arrive at Spencer Publications as fast as he can. At a Forrester meeting, Ridge arrives and tells the group about Bill being reinstated as CEO… all because of Brooke. He goes on to reveal that he and Katie are engaged.

Over at Katie’s house, Brooke implies that the only reason that Ridge proposed to Katie is because of Brooke. Katie is firm that Ridge’s commitment to her is solid. Still skeptical, Brooke leaves and heads over to Forrester where she runs into Ridge.

Friday 22 May 2015
Episode 107 (6820)    

Quinn attempts to blackmail Bill into giving Wyatt what he previously gave Liam. Wyatt remains unaware of his mother’s deception. Aly and Oliver kiss. Oliver reminds Aly to keep their relationship a secret. Later, Aly talks to Oliver about her mother and wishes she could share her new found happiness with her.

Bill and Wyatt both decide that Wyatt will officially become a part of the Spencer family. Liam is surprised to learn of the new developments and is immediately wary of Quinn’s role in the decision. Liam and Wyatt trade insults and Liam accuses Wyatt of allowing his mother to run interference in his life.

Monday 25 May 2015
Episode 108 (6821)    

Quinn attempts to get Hope to make a decision between Liam and Wyatt and urges her to choose Wyatt. Thorne becomes suspicious of Oliver and Aly’s involvement. Wyatt admits to Hope that the change in relationship with his father feels right.

Pam and Charlie get excited for a medieval event they are attending. Pam is disappointed that Aly is not going with them. Pam mentions to Charlie that both Taylor and Aly are in the same building and worries about Aly’s reaction if she sees Taylor.

Tuesday 26 May 2015
Episode 109 (6822)    

Aly has it out with Taylor. Thorne agrees to a plea from his daughter. Ridge attempts to talk to Brooke regarding Bill’s attitude.

Wednesday 27 May 2015
Episode 110 (6823)     

Thorne and Taylor are concerned about Aly’s reaction to news of their relationship and discuss Aly’s emotional health. Oliver does his best to comfort Aly and assures her that he is there for her. They discuss Darla and how she would feel about this situation as well as fear and forgiveness.

Katie tells Ridge that their current situation with Brooke and Bill calls for compromise but Ridge refuses to budge. Aly makes a surprising request of Taylor.

Thursday 28 May 2015
Episode 111 (6824) 

Ridge and Bill verbally spar, each trying to one-up the other. Thorne turns to Brooke for advice about Aly and Taylor. Aly asks Taylor to tell her about the night her mother died. Taylor emotionally breaks down as she tells her the story.

Friday 29 May 2015
Episode 112 (6825)

Brooke quizzes Bill about Quinn. Thorne is surprised by what he sees between his daughter and Taylor.

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