Bread truck hijacked in Port Elizabeth

Top 10 Most Hijacked SUVs In South Africa

A bread delivery van was hijacked this morning in Motherwell and the 3 occupants were dropped off in Wells Estate by the suspects.

It is alleged that at about 05:15, the driver and his two crew members stopped at a shop in Gugurha Street in NU5 when two suspects accosted them. One produced a firearm and while one of the crew was opening up the back door, he was pointed him with a firearm and shoved into the back of the truck. The other crew who was busy knocking on the shop door was also pointed with a gun and taken to the back as well. The driver who was seated in the vehicle was rounded up and pushed at the back.

The suspects drove off with the truck and stopped somewhere in Motherwell where the victims were hauled into a white bakkie and dropped off in Wells Estate.

The truck was recovered in Ngwevana Street in NU9. Half of the contents of bread was stolen. No arrests.

Police are investigating a case of vehicle hijacking.