Bride Demands Gifts Worths R5 000 Upwards For Her Wedding

A bride has shared an outrageous list of expensive gifts costing around R5 000 more that she is demanding her guests purchase for her wedding. 
Guests at a wedding got a shock when they received a gift list of items costing from around R5 000 upwards.

In the list, which has gone viral on Reddit, the bride or bridezilla has asked for expensive items such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses, but as per the terms and conditions on the document, if they want to buy another brand they will need to get her seal of approval first.

Clothing over R5 000, the cost of re-tiling their house, designer gift cards, beauty items over R5 000 and any cash donations, also made the eye-watering list.

The bride writes in the post from social media: “You MUST choose from the list or consult me first.”There are no exceptions.”

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