Bride Uses Dad’s Ashes For Her Wedding

Bride Uses Dad’s Ashes For Her Wedding. The 26-year old and her husband met in 2007, when he was a street dancer.

When her father passed away from cancer four months ago before she was meant to get married, Charlotte Watson wanted to hold him in great respect on her wedding day. So she chose to use his ashes as part of her nails for her wedding day, with a wonderful manicure made from her cousin, Kirsty Meakin. The 26-year old and her husband met in 2007, when he was a street dancer.

In 2012, the husband proposed to her at Carden Park in the United Kingdom. The couple wasn’t rushing on getting married. However, in 2017, the bride’s father was told that he had prostate cancer that had moved to his lymph nodes and bones. The dad couldn’t live til their wedding day on the 30th of August 2019. The bride told Metro UK that, “In 2018 the cancer had spread even more into his spine and ribs. At this point we had realised the cancer was incurable.”

The father had to have a spinal operation on March 2019 because his spine was messed up due to the cancer. “After knowing what complications a spine operation could cause he still fought through. Unfortunately my dad ended up having sepsis from the spinal operation and we lost him on 29 April,” says Charlotte Watson. Charlotte’s cousin was the one who came up with the idea as the using the ashes as a nail artist. The nail artist made a French ombre manicure with the ashes put into the tips and are finished with the gems.

The bride says that she got the wish of having her dad hold her hand and walking down the aisle. She also used a photo of her dad placed behind her shoes, a teddy bear made from one of his jumpers and a pendant that was connected to her flowers. After the wedding day, her cousin removed the nails and attached them to a photo frame, so she the bride could keep them secure at all times. She now thinks of using the other ashes to create jewellery with.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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