DA Loses To EFF and IFP as Official Opposition Party In 3 More Provinces

The Democratic Alliance is no longer the official opposition in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, a position the party has lost to the EFF. Furthermore the party has also been unseated as the official opposition in KZN where IFP has come second to the ANC.

After the 2014 elections, DA was officially the opposition party across all provinces narrowly beating EFF in Limpopo by a couple hundreds of votes.

Whilst the DA has not performed poorly per se in this election, this is the only election since it’s 1994 debut where the party has not seen any growth. It’s 1999 performance saw it jump from 1% in 1994 to over 9% in 1999. The party then grew by each election, subsequently rising at 22% in 2014, a percentage it retained again in 2019.