Days of Our Lives Teasers – May 2015

Coming up on Days of Our Lives this May 2015:

Friday 1 May 2015
Episode 11 817/230

Stefano finally calls Kate and tells her that a package will be arriving with information and pictures of Marlena to use as leverage. After hanging up, Stefano reveals he was testing Kate with the package and vows to make her pay for sleeping with Ian.

Hope and John find half a coin in the egg and make a copy before Stefano shows up to claim the egg. Stefano gives them fake passports under different names and Hope and John rush off to get back to Salem before Stefano figures out the coin is a fake.

E.J. shows up at Sami’s and kisses her and they agree that there is nothing between them. Will tells Sonny that he told Marlena that he is gay. Sonny encourages Will to tell Sami himself and not let her hear it from someone else.

Monday 4 May 2015
Episode 11 818/231

Stefano realizes the coin is a fake. John and Hope are stopped by the flight attendant working for Stefano before they can board the plane.

Agent Spencer shows up and knocks out the flight attendant and tells John and Hope that they have an ISA agent in Salem trying to connect E.J. and Stefano to the missing pension funds. Agent Spencer arranges for a private jet to take John and Hope back to Salem.

Nicole and Rafe look at an apartment but stumble on Sami’s apartment where E.J. is over after trying to fix something at Sami’s. Nicole nearly reveals that E.J. is the father of her baby. Chad asks Gabi to set up his place for a romantic night with Melanie.

Tuesday 5 May 2015
Episode 11 819/232

E.J. catches Billie snooping in a hidden compartment in the DiMera living room. After Billie leaves, E.J. pulls out the files and is shocked by what he finds. Nicole shows up not realizing E.J. would be home to pick up the rest of her stuff.

E.J. is upset and Nicole thinks he knows about Stefano rigging the election for E.J. is loose. E.J. is even more shocked at what Nicole tells him because the files show that E.J. framed John for pension funds going missing. Daniel warns Rafe about saying he is the father of E.J.’s baby.

Daniel encourages Rafe to admit his true feelings to Carrie. Rafe meets up with Carrie and Austin joins them. Carrie asks Rafe to dissolve their partnership. Chad and Melanie spend all day in bed.

Wednesday 6 May 2015
Episode 11 820/233

John surprises Marlena at the coffee house. John tells Marlena he is back in the ISA and she is not happy. Hope rushes to Bo’s bedside and thanks Billie for staying with him. E.J. tells Nicole that the money he stole from the pension funds is now missing.

Later, Billie returns to the mansion to look at the file again but it is gone and E.J. comes into the room to ask if she is looking for the file in his hands.

Nicole tells Rafe that he doesn’t have to continue pretending to be her baby’s father but he is committed to it. Lucas surprises Sami with a “campfire” in the apartment with the kids.

Thursday 7 May 2015
Episode 11 821/234

E.J. confronts Billie about snooping in the house. Abby and Cameron have another run in at the Pub. As Abby helps Cameron cleanup she is surprised to learn that he is Celeste’s son. Lexie has another debilitating headache while meeting with E.J. and has to tell him about her brain tumor.

Billie tells Daniel that she thinks going on a date would be awkward since he dated her mother and daughter. They agree to go out as only friends.

Stefano treats Kate to a private dinner in the town square but Stefano eventually drops the bomb that he knows Kate slept with Ian and tells her he is done with her. As Stefano leaves he hands Kate papers and she becomes livid. Hope pleads with Bo to wake-up.

Friday 8 May 2015
Episode 11 822/235

E.J. is shocked to discover that Lexie has an inoperable brain tumor. E.J. tries to blame Abe for not paying attention to Lexie but Abe points out they were separated when he was accused for rigging the election.

Kate shows up at Sami’s angry that Stefano has given control of Countess W to Sami. Lucas goes to track down Kate and she tells him they also lost Hearth and Home.

E.J. shows up at Sami’s and wonders why there are Countess W files and Sami tells him that Stefano put her in charge. E.J. is furious Stefano didn’t consult him before making this decision.

Marlena worries about John being involved with the ISA. Bo briefly wakes up and Hope pleads with Daniel to take Bo out of the medical induced coma.

Monday 11 May 2015
Episode 11 823/236

E.J. finds out that Kate cheated on Stefano. Stefano confronts John and Hope about his missing coin. Will tells Gabi that he is gay.

Chad sets up Abby with Cameron but Abby refuses to go to the movie with him. Later Abby chokes on some popcorn and Cameron performs the Heimlich. Abby is less than grateful to Cameron for saving her life.

Tuesday 12 May 2015
Episode 11 824/237

E.J. demands to know why Stefano is trying to undermine him. Ian tells Madison that he is granting her a divorce. Gabi thinks she turned Will gay because another guy she liked was also gay.

Will tells her that it has nothing to do with her and later refuses to help her break up Chad and Melanie because he watched his mother go after men that didn’t want her and it just caused trouble. Kate tells Ian that Stefano found out about them and took everything from her.

Wednesday 13 May 2015
Episode 11 825/238

E.J. tells Sami that the only reason Stefano gave her Countess W was so it would crash and burn under her watch. Lucas remembers meeting Ian when he was younger.

Ian summons Madison to Titan and she thinks he is going back on granting her a divorce. Ian announces that he is offering Kate a job with Mad World. Nicole has a run in with E.J. Carrie can’t stop thinking about Rafe.

Thursday 14 May 2015
Episode 11 826/239

Lexie sees a new doctor who gives her the same diagnosis as Daniel. Nicole tells E.J. that she will reunite with him if he agrees to leave Salem with her. Austin and Sami see Rafe and Carrie together in the square. Austin realizes that Carrie isn’t over her feelings for Rafe.

Ian convinces Kate to take the job since she won’t be getting many offers elsewhere plus he tells her that she can take Sami down. Lucas tells Sami that Ian offered Kate a job at Mad World.

Friday 15 May 2015
Episode 11 827/240

Kate takes it upon herself to tell Stefano about Lexie’s medical crisis. Stefano rushes to the hospital to see for himself and Hope, Bo, John and Marlena all over hear the doctor telling Stefano about Lexie.

Later, Stefano talks to the doctor alone and she tells Stefano that Lexie’s tumors were probably from inhaling a specific type of gas. Sami asks Lucas to come work for Countess W. E.J. doesn’t think he can leave Salem even for Nicole.

Monday 18 May 2015
Episode 11 828/241

Abe overhears Stefano worrying that Lexie’s condition may be his fault. Nicole arrives at the hospital in pain and is worried she might be having a miscarriage. Daniel refuses to allow E.J. entry into her room because of the papers Nicole signed.

Melanie and Chad plan a romantic getaway but Gabi stops them before they can leave and shows them a headless doll and threatening note by her room. Celeste warns Cameron to stay away from Abby after Celeste reads her cards.

Tuesday 19 May 2015
Episode 11 829/242

Daniel encourages Nicole to tell the truth about the father of the baby because keeping it a secret may be doing more harm than good.

Gabi tells Chad, Melanie and Abby that this isn’t the first time she has received a threatening note from someone and they decide she can’t stay above the Pub anymore. Abby notes that Gabi seems really happy for someone who has a stalker.

Justin delivers the bad news to Madison that there is nothing preventing Ian from hiring Kate as a co-CEO of Mad World. E.J. overhears Stefano talking to someone about the tunnels and realizes that Stefano keeping Lexie down there when she was younger could have caused her brain tumor.

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Episode 11 830/243

Sami and Lucas spend the day with Will and Allie at a family day in the town square but Will still acts distant with Sami. E.J. and Billie try to work on other information about Stefano.

Hope and John have to tell Bo that they couldn’t get the divorce because Stefano turned them into the Pawn and Princess Gina. Later, a man watches Bo and Hope from outside and another man grabs Marlena and holds her at knife point.

Thursday 21 May 2015
Episode 11 831/244

A man grabs, Marlena at knife point but Marlena is able to think quickly and frees herself. Roman decides John, Marlena, Bo and Hope needs to be moved to a safe house. When they arrive at the safe house they are unaware that Agent Harmon is reporting back to Stefano.

Kate is livid when she sees Lucas and Sami kissing. Later, Kate runs into Madison and after exchanging a few barbs the two realize they need to team up to bring Sami down.

Friday 22 May 2015
Episode 11 832/245

As Bo, Hope, Marlena and John settle in to the safe house they are unaware that Agent Harmon has rigged it so when the alarm is activated opening or closing any door or window will have the place explode. Rafe attempts to tell Carrie the truth but keeps getting interrupted.

Sami and Lucas work to keep a distributor on at Countess W. Nicole tells Brady that she is pregnant. E.J. finds a document at the mansion.

Monday 25 May 2015
Episode 11 833/246

Carrie begins to leave the safe house but Rafe stops her when he notices the lights on the security system are blinking. Roman runs into Kate and finds out Stefano dumped her. Roman worries when he cannot get through to anyone at the safe house and Agent Spencer suggests he go up and check things out.

Kate attempts to rattle Sami by showing her papers that say the Countess W name and logo are her property. Lucas immediately sees through the plan and knows that Kate signed everything over to Stefano. E.J. confronts Stefano about what he found in the document saying that E.J. is not Stefano’s son.

Stefano admits that it is true and says that E.J. is not a DiMera and cannot carry on the family name. When E.J. notes that Tony wasn’t a blood DiMera either but Stefano considered him his son, Stefano says that it is different because Stefano knew Tony since he was a baby and E.J. spent his youth with his mother.

Tuesday 26 May 2015
Episode 11 834/247

Roman shows up at the safe house and they hold the door so he cannot open it. Hope slips a letter under the door telling him what is going on. Roman calls in Shane to help defuse the bomb.

They think they have successfully defused the bomb and as they are celebrating a timer suddenly starts counting down and they realize that by cutting the wires they really just started the timer for activation.

Lexie tells Chad about her brain tumor and ask him to be a bigger part of Theo’s life. Madison thinks that Ian is stalling the divorce when his lawyer won’t return Justin’s calls. Ian insists that he wants the divorce so he can move on with Kate. Later, Ian talks on the phone saying he has no interest in giving Madison the divorce.

Wednesday 27 May 2015
Episode 11 835/248

Titan’s computers are hacked and Mad World is the target. Kate and Madison believe Sami hired someone to do the hacking. Ian spikes Brady’s drink with some sort of drug.

The clock on the bomb counts down an hour. Shane tries to think of alternative ways to stop the bomb but none work. Those inside the safe house build a blast wall.

Rafe tells Carrie that Nicole is carrying E.J.’s baby and that they never slept together.

Thursday 28 May 2015
Episode 11 836/249

Lexie tells Celeste and Cameron that she is not going to pursue any medication for her brain tumor. Roman and Shane believe everyone in the safe house is dead after the bomb explodes.

Suddenly, everyone appears and explains that there was a secret passage under the carpet and they made it in just in time. Everyone agrees that they need to maintain everyone died in the blast to get the upper hand on Stefano.

Roman and Shane have to tell the loved ones back at the Pub that everyone in the safe house is dead.

Friday 29 May 2015
Episode 11 838/250

The safe house “victims” loved ones real upon learning of their “deaths”. Stefano is livid with the measures Harmon took to take care of his enemies. The Bradys vow revenge.

Ian surprises Kate with a date in the town square. E.J. holds a press conference assuring that the person responsible for the bombing will be brought to justice.

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