Diddy Allegedly Engaged To His Son’s Ex

Diddy Allegedly Engaged To His Son’s Ex. Sean “Diddy” Combs has been making headlines this past weekend because of rumours.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been making headlines this past weekend because of rumours. The businessman and musician has been on headlines because it was said that he is engaged to his son’s ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey. Lori Harvey is Steve Harvey’s step daughter. The news sites state that the the 49-year-old and the 22-year-old have allegedly been dating for a couple of months. The whole idea of them getting married was sparked by a ring that Lori Harvey was wearing.

The 22-year-old was seen at a Ciroc event with Diddy in Hollywood. She had a big diamond ring on her ring finger. One news site states that people that were at the event allegedly said the ring was given to her by the 49-year-old businessman. There was also a post by Lori saying that she’s somebody’s wife on Insta.

Many fans were sceptical on the news that the two are getting married. Lori Harvey went on to the internet today (Monday) to bash the claims that she is getting married. “I’m not engaged. Stop believing everything y’all read on a blog,” says Lori Harvey. Tweeps were in awe after they heard the news of Diddy and Lori Harvey allegedly being engaged.

One tweep says, “Damn Lori Harvey! We were joking when we said “If he breaks up with you, date his dad and make him your step son.”…We were just playing. I can’t believe Diddy also played along…”One tweep says, “Oh no Diddy what is you doin(g) facts or nah??” One tweep says, “Diddy got a 16 year old pregnant when he was 24…married a 20 year old at age 39 and got engaged to a 22 year old at 49…I consider that a pattern of predatory behaviour.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite