Eswatini’s King Mswati lll has Reportedly Gotten 120 BMWs And The People Are Infuriated

Eswatini’s King Mswatini lll has Reportedly Gotten 120 BMWs And The People Are Infuriated. The Eswatini King, King Mswati lll seems to be a fan of cars.

The Eswatini King, King Mswati lll seems to be a fan of cars. On top of the alleged Rolls-Royce vehicles he bought for himself and his wives, the monarch reportedly bought 120 BMWs for his family members. However, this time around he came under fire for buying his family members for reportedly buyinng his family members BMW vehicles.

The monarch has reportedly infuriated the opposition party, the People’s United Democratic Movement. This was due to the monarchy supposedly ignoring requests for government workers to be given better payments; however, the monarch supposedly ordered 120 BMW vehicles that were sent to them on Thursday. About 700 public workers got together at the capital Mbabane on Thursday against the ruling King Mswati lll.

They accuse the monarch of taking away from public repositories. Wandile Dludlu, the general secretary of the People’s United Democratic Movement, criticised the buying of luxury cars. The general secretary says the workers in the public sector have not received a salary increase in three years. “In Swaziland, public sector workers have not received salary adjustments in three years and the health system has totally collapsed, rendering the poorest of the poor vulnerable,” says Wandile Dludlu. He also states that some tertiary institutions have been shut down.

The general secretary accuses the king of continuing to spoil himself and his family, seemingly unaware of the issues that the people in Eswatini are facing. Wandile Dludlu says that the BMWs were to be used by the royal family members, which consists of his 15 wives and his 23 children. “According to reports, some of these cars are for his motorcade and the exclusive use of his children. To say this is a blatant display of arrogance and total disregard of the poor people of Swaziland’s feelings by the monarch would be an understatement. He is basically showing them a middle finger and proving to all and sundry that he is a law unto himself,” says Wandile Dludlu.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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