FNB Mistakenly Gives Clients Money

FNB Mistakenly Gives Clients Money. Some people in Mzansi were happy when they received money from FNB on Tuesday.

Some people in Mzansi were happy when they received money from FNB on Tuesday. The financial institution gave some of its clients about R5000. The people who received the money then thought that it was a gift to them for using the FNB bank. Some tweeps even let people know what FNB did for them.

One tweep says, “So FNB just gave me R5000 for free…” Most tweeps feel as if they were left out of the list of people that received money from FNB. One tweep says, “So FNB is busy depositing money for other people and forgot about or is it still coming…” One tweep says he can’t see any money reflecting in his account. The tweep says, “So fnb I keep on checking my balance but nothing yet, what’s your problem I don’t look broke to you?”

one tweep hilariously says the person who owes him money switched off his phone after telling people about FNB giving people money. The tweep says, This guy owes me money, he posts ‘So FNB wa re Blesser’ (So FNB is blessing us) now his phone is off when I call him. Some people believed that FNB was hacked. One tweep says the person who may have hacked FNB has to be president.

The tweep says, “To the person who hacked FNB’s system and gave people money: You definitely deserve to be President…” One tweep says, So FNB may have been hacked by someone sending money to themselves but sent money to almost every account just to make things look like a system problem. That’s my point of view.

FNB has released a statement on its Twitter account saying that the transferring of money to the accounts of some of the FNB clients was a mistake on their part. The transfers were due to the debit card transactions of some of the consumers. “The incorrect balances were due to delayed debit card transactions for purchases,” says FNB. The bank says the problem has been resolved.

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by Alexandra Ramaite