Four male suspects arrested in East London

EAST LONDON – A quick response by East London K9 and Red alert security personel resulted to a recovery of a stolen vehicle, a Nissan NP 200, two (2) bunches of master keys, 1x battery operated angle grinder, reflective jackets, 4 cellphones as well as various tools that are being used to gain entry illegally to cellphone towers.

On Saturday, 19 September 2020 K9 members responded after an alarm at a Cellphone tower was activated at Colley Ave, Cambridge West.

This comes after there were already 6 Cellphone towers that were burgled in the city area during the day. In some of the burglaries, it was reported that a Nissan NP200 was seen being involved.

On their arrival at the site, they found two Nissan NP200 vehicles at the tower and some suspects busy at the containers. The members managed to block one vehicle in. Immediately three suspects ran away through the Primary school fields.

In the meantime, Red Alert Security also arrived and assisted the members in arresting the suspects.

The NP 200, which fled, was found shortly after abandoned at Vian Rd. The members managed to recover 2x bunches of master keys that were used by Cellphone technicians to gain entry to the containers, 1x battery operated angle grinder , reflective jackets, 4 cellphones as well as various tools that are being used to gain entry and to remove the batteries. Both vehicles and recovered property has been handed in as an exhibit.

The four male suspects aged between 28-34 were charged with tampering and damaging of Infrastructure and are expected to appear at East London Magistrate’s court today.

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga commended the outcome.

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