From Consulting Strong Sangoma’s To Losing Hope: 5 Times Senzo Meyiwa’s Father Fought To See His Son Killers Jailed

From Consulting Strong Sangoma's To Losing Hope:

From Consulting Strong Sangoma’s To Losing Hope 5 Times Sam Meyiwa Expressed His Disappointment At SA Police and sadly even at his death the father did not get to see justice served.

“The police must make sure they get these people who killed my son. I want them in jail, I want them in custody. I want to talk to them and ask them why they killed my son. It’s like they killed myself.” – October 27 2014

“We are busy today with family rituals. I have recalled some fond memories of my son and it hurts me that his killers have not yet been found. It is very frustrating to me and the rest of the family.” – October 2015

“I am in contact with strong sangomas who will deal with the killer of my son. I have patiently waited to hear that cops have arrested the suspect, but I have not heard any word from them.” – October 2016

“I am so tired, I am slowly losing hope. My son was someone who was loved in South Africa and across the world. Nothing is happening regarding Senzo’s things, everything, even the investigation into his death is on hold.” – June 2017

“I believe that he [police minister Bheki Cele] will find the man who shot and killed my son. It is only a matter of time.” – June 2018