Helen Zille’s Shocking Definition Of Black Privilege

Helen Zille’s Shocking Definition Of Black Privilege. White privilege has been talked about in the public arena of the racial differences between black and white people.

White privilege has been talked about in the public arena of the racial differences between black and white people. The public describes white privilege as the benefits that white people have based on their skin colour in as compared to non-white people in society that are under the same political rule. However, there has also been a debate of black privilege in response to white privilege.

This has been happening in countries that are ruled by black political leaders. Some white people say that black people are benefitting from their current black governments, the same way white people were benefitting from their past segregation governments. Helen Zille is one of the people that are debating that there’s black privilege.

The debate began when 1Magic’s “The River” actor, Hlomla Dandala, replied to her saying that she sometimes says some “daft” things. The actor said: “Occasionally, you say some daft things, European Helen in Africa.” This was a reply to Zille’s tweet to a post of a black poet talking about white privilege. The Democratic Alliance member said: “Why is she saying this stuff in English?”

Thereafter a debate between one tweep and Dandala ensured about why he uses materials that are linked to colonialism. Hlomla Dandala ended up saying the man doesn’t understand white privilege. Hlomla said: “You clearly don’t understand white privilege. We had plenty technology here thatwas eroded/annihilated by colonialism. You did us zero favours by colonising us.” To which Helen replied saying that Hlomla doesn’t understand black privilege. Helen said: “It is being able to loot a country and steal hundreds of billions and get re-elected.”

Journalist Pauli Van Wyk also replied to Hellen telling her that the tweet she sent was a “terrible tweet.” She also went on saying that the 0.4 increase that the Democratic Alliance received in the national elections shouldn’t have surprised Zille. The Democratic Alliance member responded by asking Pauli how white people feel about being racially stereotyped all the time. Other tweeps also responded to the tweets under the hashtags #WhitePrivilege and #BlackPrivilege.

These are the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite