Here Is What To Expect On Isibaya This July

Here Is What To Expect On Isibaya This July

Episode 81: Monday, 01 July

Qaphela and Judas face each other at last and one of them must die. While Ntwenhle enjoys her father’s wedding gift, Mandla panics at the thought of his little girl alone with her husband.

Episode 82: Tuesday, 02 July

Beauty puts on a brave face, but the choice Judas has made on her behalf is troublesome. Ntwenhle faces her first test, impresses her elders and makes a new friend. Sibongile and Phumelele’s different opinions of Fenyang cause strife.

Episode 83: Wednesday, 03 July

Cebisile fears the damage Fezile might cause. While Khanyi schemes to secure herself a place in the Chieftaincy, Qondi and Mabuyi take a bet on Ntwenhle.

Episode 84: Thursday, 04 July 

Fezile returns to Johannesburg to face the music. Beauty’s humiliation results in a shocking revelation that devastates Lillian.

Episode 85: Friday, 05 July

Fearful that he might ruin them all, Cebisile tests Fezile. A furious Lillian wants Judas and his family out of her house and Jerry takes matters into his own hands. Ntwenhle and the chieftaincy receive tragic news.

Episode 86: Monday, 08 July

Ntwenhle struggles to deal with her first crisis as mother of the valley. Fezile makes it clear he chooses Sengwayo over Cebisile.

Episode 87: Tuesday, 09 July

Sibongile’s attempts to manage Fezile backfire and create even greater tension. Qaphela and Saddam rush to save Jerry. The recent tragedy puts Qondi in a difficult spot and leaves Ntwenhle emotionally drained.

Episode 88: Wednesday, 10 July 

Qaphela comes clean to Lillian about Zwide’s death. Ntwenhle visits the scene of the accident. Sibongile considers telling Mpiyakhe about Phumelele and Fenyang.

Episode 89: Thursday, 11 July

Fezile and Fenyang finally meet and Fenyang pushes all Fezile’s buttons. Beauty faces the brutal reality of her mother’s lack of forgiveness. Khanyi and Mandla step in when Ntwenhle runs from her responsibilities.

Episode 90: Friday, 12 July

Fenyang grills Fezile and the Zungu’s strongman digs deep to prove his metal. Ntwenhle combines strength and gentleness to support the grieving parents and Beauty forces Judas to make a shocking and brutal choice.

Episode 91: Monday, 15 July

Mpiyakhe is unpleasantly surprised by the arrival of a shocking new cellmate. Ngwebedla puts Qondi in a difficult position when he presses the council to deal firmly with the people responsible for the tragedy. Phumelele and Sibongile navigate the tensions of being a Zungu wife.

Episode 92: Tuesday, 16 July

There is never a dull moment when two sworn enemies are stuck sharing the same cell. S’bu opens a can of worms when he discovers just how many of the School Transport taxis are not roadworthy. Sibongile fears Judas might be behind what is happening to her husband.

Episode 93: Wednesday, 17 July

Qaphela is forced to deal with dangerous new enemies. Samson and S’bu fear the consequences of their actions, if they do what the chieftaincy has asked. Sibongile and Fezile confront Judas and Beauty. Phumelele steps in to help Fenyang with a domestic problem.

Episode 94: Thursday, 18 July

Sibongile applies pressure on Beauty, Beauty applies pressure on Judas and the pressure on the chieftaincy to solve the transport problem increases. Qaphela’s unwillingness to bend to pressure leads to dramatic results. Fenyang’s heart melts when he sees the effect Phumelele has on his daughter.

Episode 95: Friday, 19 July

Mpiyakhe has his own reasons for trying to help, but Qaphela demands he stay out of his business. Phumelele offers Malaika good advice before Malaika’s mother arrives at Protea.

Episode 96: Monday, 22 July

Mpiyakhe realizes he has to protect what he hates. Samson wonders how much they can risk to help Ntwenhle. The cost of Mpiyakhe’s trial puts the Zungu under pressure while Phumelele starts to feel increasingly insecure.

Episode 97: Tuesday, 23 July

Phumelele finds herself in deep water and cries for help. Qaphela refuses to ask for help – and pays the price. Samson and S’bu get some support, but at a cost. Mabuyi seems ready to give up her dream.

Episode 98: Wednesday, 24 July

Prison walls break down barriers between sworn enemies. Exaggerated stories make a mountain out of a molehill. Mkabayi sends people hunting for buried treasure.

Episode 99: Thursday, 25 July

Mkabayi provides the cash they desperately need, but Phumelele’s problems are far from over. Mandla refuses to listens and causes Ntwenhle more problems and Qaphela’s refusal to bend means he might end up broken.

Episode 100: Friday, 26 July

Mpiyakhe steps up to help Qaphela, but it comes at a price and Mpiyakhe still does not know the full story. Ntwenhle confronts Mandla, not knowing Mbodla is already planning his revenge. Phumelele makes a big mistake with Mkabayi’s money.

Episode 101: Monday, 29 July 

Mbodla takes his revenge, but Mandla is quick to retaliate. Qaphela’s real reason for being where he is, is revealed. Mabuyi makes a life changing choice. Financial realities push the Zungus’ to consider a new legal plan.

Episode 102: Tuesday, 30 July 

Mbodla reaps the consequences of his actions. Mabuyi arrives unexpectedly at Club Sheba. The press sniff a story and descend on Bhubesini, causing problems. Qaphela continues on his secret mission of betrayal.

Episode 103: Wednesday, 31 July

Duma’s worries about Mabuyi lead to problems in the Chieftaincy and Mpiyakhe is still unaware that he is protecting someone who plans to betray him.

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