Here Is What To Expect On Isithembiso This July

Here Is What To Expect On Isithembiso This July

Here Is What To Expect On Isithembiso This July

S3 Episode 66: Monday 01 July 2019

Ethel forgives Banzi but delivers an ultimatum. Chunks reveals she’s been a very naughty girl. Diamond and Koloi find themselves bound to a tricky situation.

S3 Episode 67: Tuesday 02 July 2019

Ayanda’s performance trends, but she’s worried the wrong people might see it. Chunks and Indy worry about their secret being discovered, as Lihle heads deeper into her dark side.

S3 Episode 68: Wednesday 03 July 2019

Ma Dolly meets a ghost from the past. Lihle’s decision leaves Banzi devastated. Chunks and Indy deal with the implications of their night together.

S3 Episode 69: Thursday 04 July 2019

Anathi finds herself in mortal danger, a visitor from Ayanda’s past forces her to relive painful memories. Banzi fights for his family while Chunks fears losing Abednego for good.

S3 Episode 70: Friday 05 July 2019

A traumatised Anathi identifies Mike as her attacker. Ayanda lets Madoda have it.

S3 Episode 71: Monday 08 July 2019

The girls rally around Anathi in her hour of need. Ma Dolly surprises Ayanda with a strange request. Chunks makes it clear where she stands with Indy.

S3 Episode 72: Tuesday 09 2019

Lihle has dark plans for Ethel. Anathi wavers over pressing charges against Mike. Madoda hears Ayanda’s musical talents are in demand.

S3 Episode 73: Wednesday 10 July 2019

Anathi finds she is not alone. Lihle loses her holy spirit. Ayanda and Madoda draw closer, as the pressure rises on him.

S3 Episode 74: Thursday 11 July 2019

Anathi finds the courage to go back to varsity, only to be confronted all over again. Madoda is forced to beg a deal from Rasputin. Lihle’s plot bears fruit.

S3 Episode 75: Friday 12 July 2019

Mike is back on campus, and he isn’t backing down. Madoda plays out his surprise for Ayanda. Koloi and Mbali try out their scam on the customers.

S3 Episode 76: Monday 15 July 2019

Anathi stuns her friends with a sudden decision.  Ayanda is tempted by Madoda. Koloi pulls a tricky move on Indy.

S3 Episode 77: Tuesday 16 July 2019

Banzi wrestles with Sne’s request. Madoda sells his daughter for a song. Indy gives Kero a dodgy gift.

S3 Episode 78: Wednesday 17 July 2019 

Sne leaves Banzi with a decision to make. Palesa’s frustration leads to a revolt. Ayanda is forced to lie again, while Indy has embarrassed himself with Kero.

S3 Episode 79: Thursday 18 July 2019 

Sne lets Banzi and Anathi get into her head. Ayanda realises music is very hard work and Diamond changes his tune.

S3 Episode 80: Friday 19 July 2019 

Palesa organises her sit in, but there are plans to destroy her protest. Ayanda is very nearly caught out. Diamond refuses to take Kero’s advice.

S3 Episode 81: Monday 22 July 2019 

The sit in dissolves into chaos. Ayanda feels cornered by her singing commitment. Diamond’s whisky con is one sip away from being exposed.

S3 Episode 82: Tuesday 23 July 2019 

Palesa makes a deal with the devil to help her friends. Cheez makes an unexpected return. Zamani refuses to be a part of Ayanda’s lies anymore.

S3 Episode 83: Wednesday 24 July 2019 

Mo wants to get inside Mike’s head. Ayanda tells Zamani how happy music makes her. David orders MK to spy on Milner’s.

S3 Episode 84: Thursday 25 July 2019

Cheez is primed to go undercover. Patrick suffers extreme exam pressure, and MK goes on his mission to Milners.

S3 Episode 85: Friday 26 July 2019 

Cheez has a plan to get to Mike. Diamond and Koloi continue their con, unaware that David’s spies are onto them. Mbali teaches Patrick to keep calm.

S3 Episode 86: Monday 29 July 2019 

Cheez entices Mike and Sizwe into trusting him. Diamond is in danger of losing Milner’s. Exam pressure pushes Patrick towards the edge.

S3 Episode 87: Tuesday 30 July 2019 

Sne takes responsibility for her future. Diamond manoeuvres Mayor Ramakgopa into an agreement. A cornered Patrick goes against all his better instincts.

S3 Episode 88: Wednesday 31 July 2019

Indy asks Chunks to keep a secret from Abednego. Mike takes Cheez’s bait. Cornered by his cash problem, Patrick does the unthinkable.

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