Holiday Places For Couples In Eastern Cape

Holiday Places For Couples In Eastern Cape. Sometimes the city life just messes up the time we have with our partners.

Sometimes the city life just messes up the time we have with our partners. That’s why we need place where we can relax and have a really romantic time with our special ones. Going to a place that allows you to move away from the city life and in to tranquillity with your partner is something that you need without even knowing it. Here are some of the amazing places you can go to with your partner in the Eastern Cape:

Tharfield Farm and Guesthouse Cottage, Port Alfred

The Tharfield Farm is a great place for couples that want to get away from most of the technology that surrounds in this modern age. Their River Treehouse room is a beautiful room that is situated on a yellowwood tree. Couples get to get cosy while sitting near a stone fireplace. The place offers exciting activities such as sand-boarding, canoeing or you can swim in a river. Couples also get to just sit on berths. This is truly a place where couples get to experience the serenity of the middle age. The place is close to the coast of Port Alfred and far away from the busy life of the city.

Nibelheim Cottage, Hogsback

If you need a very quiet place that allows you and your partner to get some time alone, the Nibelheim Cottage is best place for you. The Nibbelheim Cottage room has every essential you need to cater for yourself, including a fireplace for you two to cosy up this winter season. The cottage also has an amazing view of the waterfalls and you can see the rest of the gorgeous mountain area. This is a great place for both of you to recharge and be loved up.

Mountain Zebra National Park, Cradock

Mountain Zebra National Park is a great place for you and your partner to have an amazing picnic day. Bring your swimming gear when you come to this place because there’s also an amzing pool area. You and your partner can also drive around as you guys are on the lookout for cheetahs, Zebras, lions and other beautiful wild animals that this beautiful area has to offer.

Casa Mia Health Spa, Addo

The Casa Mia Health Spa is the best place to take your special other for a time of pampering to get yourselves feeling rejuvenated. The place offers a wide range of spa therapies that suit anyone. The spa is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes; get to meditate on a private deck that overlooks a dam that is visited by a lot of beautiful wild birds. You can also take some time to have a beautiful conversation while walking in the spa’s beautiful orchards. The Casa Mia Spa is a place that takes you away from the busy life of the city and into total bliss.

by Alexandra Ramaite