How SA Reacted To Last Night’s Episode Of Date My Family

Date My Family. The cherry on top for a lot of people’s Sundays, with a lot of jokes on social media made about the suitors.

The recent suitor was no different, as people all over South Africa went on to social media to make jokes of him about his similarity to duke and his looks.

@lunga_lindo says, “So I finally watch #DateMyFamily And I see Duke as our bachelor kuleviki”

@hellen_mathibe says, Ä picture of a long distance relationship”

This was used to describe the height difference of the suitor and his date (the suitor being short and the date being tall).

@fabulositiiii said that the suitor’s shoes are awful from every angle.

@ndamka7 says, “I hope prince is not wearing his wedding suit #datemyfamily”

No Date My Family suitor is safe from the social media streets, the people are ruthless.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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