I always think that he's just flirting with me.

Guyz i really need ur HELP” 8-9 mnths back i met a guy on a messenger … N em 15 yrs old n in 12th std.(now plz dnt say “only 15 yrs old? i really need sum suggestions :() so back to my story i met tht guy n strtd liking him to the very first whn v met.. He is bit flirty type of guy.. So v keep chtng .. Most of the tymz v fi8 wid eachtr bt whneva em in sum prob. He alwyz used to hlp me .. Now i hv realised tht i love him a lot n really cnt live widout me.. Bt i cnt him tell him ol this becoz of two reasons 1.hes cmited wid sumone. 2. Em vry serious abt my studies n carreer thtz y i hv nt evn met him or xchngd our nos. N em also nt sure tht he also luvs me or not cuz hez kind of flirty typez n 2-3mnths ago he even proposed me (n i ws desperatly w8in for this day:’)) n i wnts to accpt him bt i rejected cuz i alwyz thnk tht hes just flirting wid me.. Bt sumtymz i feel lyk this is nt flirtng maybe he loves me. ! cuz he make me feel so spcl tht whnevr em chtng wid him i feel lyk “em in heaven” he cares abt me a lot whnevr we were chtng we dnt kno how ttym passses .v keep chtng for 4-5 hours continously.. I dnt kno wht to do..ri8 nw for sumdyz em nt tokin to him.. N missin him so badly tellme what to do?? #sorry for my english..

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