Jacob Zuma And Son Duduzane Have A Karate Moment, Fans Love It

Jacob Zuma And Duduzane Have A Karate Moment. The video recording shows Duduzane Zuma and Jacob Zuma smiling.

The former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has shown his love for his children on social media since he left the presidency. The former president had some people on social media smiling when he posted video of himself and his son Duduzane Zuma. Exchanging hits in the form of “Karate” at his Nkandla house.

The video recording shows Duduzane Zuma and Jacob Zuma smiling. Duduzane throws a few punches towards his father. However, his father didn’t let him have all the glory as he ducked most of his son’s advances. The former president seems to be showing a lot of energy and love, especially at his age and for his son.

The video was accompanied by a caption that read, “He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.” The caption was a quote by Ed Parker. Parker was a was an American martial artist, senior grandmaster and the founder of American Kenpo Karate.

Some tweeps were also very happy with seeing both father and son being happy together. One tweep said: “Since Msholozi left office he has become wiser, I do believe my leader you were captured. I see you going back to basics.” Another tweep said: “Ubaba he is enjoying himself.” Another tweep spoke about being the best man at your home. The tweep said, “You might not be a great man to everyone but when you’re the greatest one at your house, you’re a king.”

Other tweeps are still angry about his alleged corruption when he was in office. One tweep said the two played after they finished talking about how to steal the more money and how much they stole from citizens. Another tweep said: “But you and your cronies were bending over vertically for the Guptas.

These are some of the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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