Johnny Depp Receives Support Following Ex Wife Lawsuit

In 2016, Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of physical assault. A lot of people were then anti-Johnny Depp but now the tables have turned.

Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp was abusive towards her way before their marriage. She also showed the public a bruise under her eye and a scar on her lip, which she said was a result of a physical assault incident.

Now the matter changed as Johnny files a lawsuit against Amber. The suit states that the allegation of abuse by her was false. Johnny’s legal team says that Amber was the one actually abusing him by punching him while he is in bed and kicking him on several occasions.

The lawsuit is directed towards an incident where Amber threw a bottle of vodka at Johnny, which resulted in a hand surgery.

“The interaction culminated with Ms. Heard making false allegations that Mr. Depp struck her with a cell phone, hit her and destroyed the penthouse. There were multiple eyewitnesses to this hoax,” says Johnny Depp’s legal team.

People on twitter are now pro-Johnny Depp and anti-Amber Heard.

@Wizarab10 thanked the females that were supporting Johnny Depp saying, “To the women who spoke up for Johnny Depp, thank you. Truth must always prevail over gender bias. Johnny Depp is innocent!!! “

@That_Nocks says, “Women like Amber Heard sicken me. How can you lie about domestic abuse & ruin someone’s reputation without remorse? To think I’d already cancelled poor Johnny Depp”

by Alexandra Ramaite