Livestock Thieves Nabbed

KWAZULU-NATAL – On 10 July 2020, an intelligence was received by task team police officers from Zululand Stock Theft and Ulundi Trio about men transporting livestock at Shanelwane Reserve in Ngome. Police proceeded to area where they spotted four men heading a heifer and a calf.

When the men spotted the police they fled into the bushes. Police managed to arrest two men aged 38 and 45 after they failed to provide proof of ownership for the livestock. They were immediately taken to the Ngome police station for detention.

Initial investigation revealed that a heifer is one of the cattle that were rescued in Nongoma when they suspects had paid dowry (lobola) with. The men will be charged for possession of stolen property and they will also be linked to stock theft incidents reported last month. They will appear in the Ngotshe Magistrates Court on tomorrow