Lol! People Explain How They Got Dribbled!

A lot of people who have been in a position of liking someone know how much it hurts to be played by the other party.

A lot of people went on to twitter under #TheDayIGotDribbled to explain how they got played by the other party.

Here are some of the funniest and heart-breaking explanations of how others got played:

“#TheDayIGotDribbled after we had sex the first time, I went to the Bathroom, I forgot to lock my phone. Then he took my phone, went to contacts, changed 2 digits on his numbers. When I left I couldn’t get a hold of him anymore. I realized it 6 months later when I met his friend.”- @MoeGeey

“She made me wait 18 months because she was ready for her to sleep with a guy who borrowed her a laptop.”- @nkulipp

“#TheDayIGotDribbled she said she was going to church conference but I found her at my cousin’s place naked with him.” – @The_Shoooter

by Alexandra Ramaite

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