Major General Florence Funeka Siganga retires from the SAPS – Eastern Cape

Major General Florence Funeka Siganga retires from the SAPS - Eastern Cape

After serving over 40 years in the SAPS, the Chris Hani District bade farewell to their District Commissioner, Major General Florence Funeka Siganga yesterday, 28 May 2021. Her resounding send-off included an operational march down Cathcart Road in Queenstown followed by a medal parade where Maj Gen Siganga handed out medals to members who have served 10-30 years of loyal service.

Both Senior managers and peers shared heart rendering accolades for their leader and mentor. Many described her as a ‘mother’ to the members and wished her a happy and well deserved retirement.

One of the members who worked under Maj Gen Siganga’s tenure, Colonel MikeGlober expressed his genuine appreciation to his former commander and added that, “You have moulded me in so many ways and it is because of your guidance, I am proud to say that you have made such an impact in my life, both personally and professionally. You have left a legacy for others, you have served the people of South Africa, you were part of the change, you have conquered it all and we wish you a healthy and a happy retirement.”

Amongst those that graced the occasion was the Chris Hani District Community Police Forum Chairperson, Mr Mava Sirhalarhala and in his message of support, he painted a picture of his experience as he worked hand in glove in the spirit of fighting crime within the district. He thanked her for her constant support and cooperation in partnering with them.

Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga in her speech added that, “I am here not as a Provincial Commissioner but as a family member, we are coming a long way and it has been such a privilege to grow in front of you. You have always maintained discipline and this is surely evident in your members that served under you in this district. Although you are leaving us at a very critical time, you have served your Province and your country well and now I say to you, go well Mantsundu and a very happy retirement.”

Major General Siganga in her speech took her attendees down memory lane as she gave her farewell speech. “My journey in the SAPS had not been easy, it was never meant to be easy, but it was worth it. When I answered to my calling by joining the SAPS in June of 1980, I never knew that I would make it this this far. I am consumed with so many emotions right now, but one thing for sure, I am grateful, to have come across people such as yourselves. You have made this journey for me to be meaningful. Today I leave you with this message, and that is to believe in yourselves and not be afraid to fly and go solo. I shall miss you all,” she concluded.