Mamelodi Woman’s Bra Helped Her Deflect A Bullet

Mamelodi Woman’s Bra Helped Her Deflect A Bullet. Zandile Mthimunye quickly went to the incident.

A group of Mamelodi people ran away from gunshots when a debate between taxi drivers and Mamelodi residents sparked. The group of people gathered around Solomon Mahlangu Drive because of an accident. A vehicle that was carrying school children crashed at Solomon Mahlangu Drive. The car was impacted by a Toyota Quantum, while it had a Tshwane District Hospital spokesperson, Zandile Mthimunye, children in it.

Zandile Mthimunye quickly went to the incident. After the shootout she noticed that blood was flowing from her. This happened after the bullet sprung back from her bra’s wire. The taxi driver, the transport driver and some of the Mamelodi residents were in a dispute after the incident happened. Arguments were being exchange at the time.

At the time of the arguments, gun shots were heard. When the people started cooling off, the person that was driving the taxi started fleeing in the wrong lane. The driver was running away from the dispute that was happening. The gun that he had is already taken away from. The Tshwane District Hospital spokesperson says that she had to fight through the pain because she had to take care of her children’s own problems to take care of.

“My concern is my children…During the brawls and the gun firing, I felt that I had been hit by something in my ribs. When I saw that I’m actually bleeding, I knew that one of the bullets had hit me, Says Zandile Mthimunye.

The Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson says that they looking at the case.

by Alexandra Ramaite