Man Had Weed In His Nose For 18 Years

Man Had Weed In His Nose For 18 Years. People become creative when they smuggle items into a place.

People become creative when they smuggle items into a place. A man from Australia went through a crazy route to make sure that he could smuggle his item in jail; however it did not go down well. The 48-year-old stashed a balloon full of weed inside his nostril so that it wouldn’t be detected.

The stashing turned out badly because it ended up remaining in his nasal cavity for about 20 years, according to a medical report in the BMJ. The man began having headaches, which resulted in him getting scans to see what the issue is. The scan showed that he had some grey mass in his night nostril, the doctors call this rhinolith. A rhinolith is a stone that is formed in the nasal cavity which may result to other medical issues.

Experts at the Westmead Hospital in Sydney underwent endoscopy using general anaesthesia to take out the firm mass that they discovered in the nose. They state that it was a rubber capsule that had plant matter. The man says his then girlfriend when he was a 30-year-old got him a tiny parcel of weed while he was in a correctional institution. He stashed the item inn his nostril to try and smuggle it away from the guards. When he attempted to take it out, he thought that he swallowed it by mistake and thus forgot about the item. The medical report states that the man was subdued from the symptoms of sinuses and nasal blockage during his 18 year imprisonment. However, it was only when he had recurring headaches that he chose to find medical assistance, not aware of the blockage that he had.

by Alexandra Ramaite