Mihlali’s Racial Discrimination Claim Against Air Hostess Backfires

Mihlali’s Racial Discrimination Claim Against Air Hostess Backfires. She claimed that they were called animals because they were loud on the airplane.

Social media influencer and Youtube vlogger Mihlali Ndamase uploaded a post on her Instagram saying that some of the people on the FlySaFair were racist towards her and some of her friends. She claimed that they were called animals because they were loud on the airplane. She went on saying that she didn’t know that speaking on a flight was against the law.

“…I mean if you have an issue with hearing black people’s voices buy a private jet. I can’t believe we have to deal with such ill treatment in 2019 for being black, I’m so disappointed. Please hire EDUCATED, TRAINED staff. I can’t spend money on a flight only to be treated like someone who’s not supposed to be on the airline, because of the colour of my skin,” says Mihlali Ndamase.

She also says that the police were called to escort them off the airplane, and she tried handling the issue with as much grace and maturity. One of the air hostesses that was in the pictures of Mihlali’s replied to a post of one of the Instagram users, denying that they called them animals. She also said that Mihlali threw a glass at her and called her the B word, which led to her calling the police.

The air hostess says, “I’m not even allowed to call someone an animal at my work place so ya not true…I ask(ed) to see the alcohol they brought on board which is illegal and she said why is it becuz (because) I’m black and I said no mam it is just illegal for you to be drinking your own alcohol and she told me I was racist.”

The air hostess says she has the contact details of ten people that were on the flight to acknowledge her statement on the event. Mihlali’s rant also backfired on Twitter because most of the tweeps were not on her side. One tweep says that pulling the racist card is the easiest way to get the attention of people on black twitter.

One tweep says, “Can you stop saying whites are racist when they point something blacks did wrong Mihlali was wrong and it is that lady’s right to tell her and reprimand her.” One tweep says that she doesn’t want to be involved in the Mihlali versus FlySaFair deate because of the recent Babes Wodumo and Mamphintsha saga.

Some of the tweeps defended Mihlali in the situation. One tweep said that she will defend Mihlali because the system is set against black women. Another tweep says that she knows the air hostess on a public level, that’s why she will defend Mihlali.

The tweep says, “Kirsten is no saint guys. I know her personally and I know how she reacts towards black people. Akabathandi gcithi (She really doesn’t like them).” She says her statement of saying that she isn’t allowed to call black people animals should’ve been a red flag because she should’ve said she doesn’t call anybody an animal. FlySaFair says it will investigate the matter.

These are the reactions of tweeps:

by Alexandra Ramaite