Nico Matlala Admits He fathered ‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ Child

Nico Matlala

In a shocking twist to a series f posts denying he fathered the child whose papgeld he was being asked for. Nico Matlala has finally admitted that he is the father of the child who he denied on live television. See what he had to say below

Dear South Africa and those across borders,

I take this moment in addressing the matter that has everyone talking about me, especially after a programme was aired on a certain television channel. It is unfortunate things had to go that far when the matter could’ve been handled better, especially when an innocent child who barely knows anything is involved.

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It is and was rather unfair of me to treat the way I treated mama Kagiso on national TV, I understand she was only doing what was right for her child and fighting for his rights. Sometimes as human beings we make mistakes and let pride get in our way of facing real things, the real issues of life. I’m not perfect, and so isn’t everybody else.

However, on the matter regarding Kagiso, I come forward and take responsibility to put on record that Kagiso is my child and I cannot deny his DNA in me or mine in his. It is clearly evident that he is a reflection of me and once again I take responsibility to say, I will do what’s right for Kagiso and make sure his needs are taken care of like all of my children.

To mama Rachel, my sincerest apologies for everything you’ve been through because of me and to the rest of South Africa; I ask for forgiveness for what happened on national TV.

Thank you.

Nico Mojalefa Matlala

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