Nomvula Masango’s Shocking Story About Kidnapping, Torture And Rape Leaves South Africans With Mixed Feelings

Nomvula Masango Angel Shared a story about her Abduction which will not only leave you shocked but almost sounds unbelievable! Read the story below

I never thought I would actually be #iamnext, but it happened.

I was on my way to the mall in Pinecrest (Pinetown) when I realized I was actually being followed by two men and one lady, the lady actually made it look like she was trying to help me (I trusted her cause she was a female). only to find out, later on, she was part of the plan all along. They took me to an area where I wasn’t familiar with as I am still learning my way around Durban as we got to the location I had hidden my small phone in my bra as they had already taken my other phone while we were on our way the house they toke me too. when we got to the I found two young girls too, one was in school uniform, and the other was just dressed in a skirt and a top. The lady and the two men then left the room with me and the other two ladies that when I managed to take out my phone and call Sbonelo Zuma and I explained what happened and I asked him if he cant go to a Vodacom store maybe they will also be able to help me to track down my number as it was not a phone that had internet connection. Then called my aunty too but she hardly heard what I said to her because I was in tears the whole time and in shook. the two men then came back with the lady as the walked in the room the demanded we underdress as one of them said ” THE WANT TO TASTE IF THE GOODS THEY GOT IS GOOD STUFF!!! We then looked at each other (me and the other girls). We didn’t underdress the same time they had to physically hold us and beat us to finally do it. the two men manage to have the time of they lives with the three of us I became really powerless, confused didn’t really believe that was actually happening. As soon as they were done pleasing themselves they gave us wet clothes to clean ourselves as they made sure we actually wiped ourselves and asked us to dress up..An hour later after all that happened the toke us and put us back into the car that drove to King Sharka Airport.

As soon we got to the airport one was hold each girl, the guy who was holding me said to me if you decide to shout I will shoot you and I will only be caught and spend a few years and prison and you will be dead the smiled at me, so I tried really hard to act as normal as possible cause I saw there’s no getting away from the one..We didn’t do the normal check-in as everyone else we went thru another door where we met two police officers and one lady dressed in the British airline uniform .. I know I was happy when I saw the two officers I honestly believed they were gonna be caught we were gonna go home safe only to notice the two bastards were in it too, they spoke and hanged each other as normal while calling each other “BAFO” ??? ..The lady in the British airline uniform then check us in as the guys told her to give all of us seats at the back so we can all sit together but the I didn’t get a seat at the back my seat number was 11F the one guy then got upset and asked the lady why she gave me that seat when he asked her to give us sits at the back. the lady then told her she’s sorry but she caNt change it now cause it will look suspicious (i still have my ticket with me as the detective handling my case said I should keep it as proof) we got on the flight as we all toke our sits as i was a Lil relieved that we not off to some country I don’t know off as the ticket said we landing in Cape Town.. a white couples sat next to me and as soon as the flight left I spoke to the lady next to me explaining everything to her then she spoke to her husband as she advised me not to say anything cause we don’t know who else is in it in the flight. she then said to me that as soon as the flight stops we gonna run to the bathroom in Cape Town International airport and that what happened.. we sat in the bathroom for about 30min then the husband showed up with two other guys and they walked me out of the airport then the lady said to me that’s as far as she can help me with as I understood cause we don’t know the people we deal with.. I then spotted one young lady who was in the same flight and went to her and asked her for helped explaining what happened she didn’t even hassle she called a place where I can sleep for the night and got me an uber to there explain to the person on the phone that I will be there in 20 min..Again I decided to trust a female cause I /didn’t know what else to do as I was lucky this time around caused she was really /genuine… I got to the place where I was gonna spend the night at something backpacks (as I don remember the name) I couldn’t even sleep cause i was really scared not knowing who will walk in or what5..

the same lady then saw a post on twitter of a missing person which was me the replied to me (as I have proof of the 66twittee) then managed to get hold of my cousin in cape town and told her were i was and everythig she knew thats how my cousin found me.. i was in shook when i saw her enter as/ i didn’t even know how she found me then she explained that they had already reported me missing6 and the lady who helped me out saw it..

i am currently reallly traumatized, I have open a case for abduction and rape and the detective also mensitioned that we 3dont the people we deal with but they must be really dangerous cause they work with police and airlines…

my life may not really be safe cause we don’t know if these people will still try and find me or what.

I want to thank my family for not giving up Nicole Ntombi Masangoo , Michelle Masango ,Angel Shiimi Lamboz Tapi , Sbonelo Zuma , Balungile HamSam Gumbi and friends too Botle Mark , Masebotsana Lekgotla a and facebook friends too..

i am jjust grateful to be alive and seeing another day..The one thing in my mind now is the two young girls i was with.. We leave in a very sick world now. No women is safe in South Africa even women are part of it too..The sick part about all of this is that these people were actually south African… I am even scared to go in a taxi or even walk in the street because we leave with sick people out 66here.

Sbonelo Zuma i am truly grateful for you in my life and your support in all of this as well as Nicole Ntombi Masango*6 if you didnt come and get me i honestly dont know what would have been of me…

when will all this stop..
who will be there next victim..
South Africa isnt safe for us anymore
i do not feel comfortable calling it home anymor!!
i was #iamnext and i managed to get away.***

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