Ntsiki Mazwai Goes After Businessman Patrice Motsepe

Ntsiki Mazwai Goes After Businessman Patrice Motsepe. Ntsiki Mazwai is no stranger to controversy towards famous South Africans.

Ntsiki Mazwai is no stranger to controversy towards famous South Africans. The artist has spoken about celebs such as Bonang Matheba on her social media account. This time around she pulled up the president of Mamelodi Sundowns FC, Patrice Motsepe. The Motsepe family has recently publicised that they were handing over R1 billion towards the aid of the Covid-19 issue in South Africa.

However, Ntsiki Mazwai was not taken by the offer that the businessman and his family brought towards the country. She went to question if the citizens of South Africa were told about the 5G assignment and its alleged side effects. Ntsiki Mazwai says, “Did Patrice Motsepe engage with South Africans about his 5G project? Did we say we are OK with the radiation and birth defects and getting cancer so that he makes more money.” Black Twitter replied to the statement made by the former ‘Show Me Love’ co-host.

One tweep says, “All the “first world countries who use high speed 5G are the most infected by this epidemic. Wuhan was the first city to have it rolled out. Maybe just a coincidence but we all know what happened there.” Some tweeps say that the current health problems that happen globally are not caused by the technology upgrade. One tweep says, “…Ntsiki, technology has got nothing to do with current health issues that we are experiencing. You are wrong in this one.” Is the 5G story a conspiracy theory?

by Alexandra Ramaite

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