People Reminisce On The Good Old Days With The #YazIRemember Hashtag

The good old days, when things seemed to be really easy for us as kids.

We all tend to reminisce about those good old days; what we used to do and the plans we had for the future.

Tweeps had a lot to say about what they remember about back then.

@andy_xulu says, “#YaziRememberWhen 20:00 used to be 20:00”

She said that accompanied by a picture of the old Generations cast.

@LeratoMalerwa says, “#YazIRemmberWhen I used to think that being all grown up and working is FUN but now…..”

@MphoDuki says, “#YazIRememberWhen streetwise 2 was R13…”

@RotondwaRamuya says, “#YazIRememberWhen I used to date five girls via MXIT”

@Ofentse1Hope says she remembers when she had to pay R60 for BIS, a BlackBerry Internet Service, because data is now expensive.

You know, the olden days used to be so great.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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