Trending Photos Of Whites South Africans Protesting Alleged ‘White Genocide In SA’ From Australia

Independent Australia senator, Fraser Anning called farm attackers in South Africa ‘subhuman’ in a speech to Brisbane rally were South Africans were protesting alledged genocide and claims that South African farmers are at risk of genocide. Speaking on the issue he said “These people, when they do take over the farms, as we’ve seen in Rhodesia [Zimbabwe], the farms will run into ruin. Within a few more years they’ll be asking, demanding our support, and you can be sure that the United Nations will be demanding that we support these people with foreign aid.”

Anning supported Peter Dutton’s proposal to grant the farmers refugee status. He disparaged migrants from other destinations, saying South Africans were “industrious, they’re hardworking, they have the same Christian values, as opposed to some of the other people we’ve been bringing into the country”, who, he said, were “intent on tearing our country apart”.

Nailed to the table

Thank you Peter

Save the farmers in South Africa

Stop the violence in South Africa

Allow our families into Australia

 Australia can help South Africans

Save the farmer

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