Places In The World You Need To See

Places In The World You Need To See. The world is filled with beautiful places that one has to see.

The world is filled with beautiful places that one has to see. Knowing where to go for a holiday trip could be a very hard choice. However, there are some places that you have to see because of their amazing sites they have. Here are a few places that you should see:

San Alfonso del Mar Resort, Chile

The San Alfonso del Mar Resort is a home to the world’s largest pool. The large pool is along the coast. The pool covers a total area of 8 hectares. The pool uses 250 million litres of water, it takes water from the sea using a computer-controlled suction and filtration system. It won the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pool in 2006.

The Floating Venice, Dubai

Well, you might have to wait till next year for this amazing resort but it’s worth it. The resort says it will give guests an authentic Venetian experience. The underwater deck will include the rooms, restaurants, bars and shops. On top of the sea, the resort will have rising domes that look the same as the Basilica San Marco, it will also have, glass-bottom pool, gondolas and 12 floating beaches.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Switzerland

The Matterhorn glacier paradise is the highest mountain. It peaks at an amazing 3883 metres above the sea. The sight from the mountain is out of this world. You get to see 38 four –thousand-metre peaks and 14 glaciers. Above the glaciers there is a fine cuisine restaurant, a cinema lounge, amazing ski slopes. You get to get a lot of amazing experiences at the Matterhorn glacier paradise.

Rio Carnival, Brazil

Maybe you just want to see a bit of culture when you somewhere. You can get to go to the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The carnival is a festival that is attended annually before lent. It is known as the largest carnival that has approximately 2 million people a day on the streets of Rio da Janeiro. The event has revellers, floats and adornments from a number of Samba schools in Rio da Janeiro.

Oktoberfest, Germany

The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is the world’s biggest folk festival. The fest has formerly been visited by approximately 6 million tourists annually, which most of them drink about seven million litres of beer. The festival lasts for two weeks and is held in a meadow outside of Munich’s city centre. The visitors can also get to experience the amazing colour parades.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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